McGuinty Aides’ Lawyers Will Not Call Evidence In Trial

Lawyers in the high-profile deleted email trial will present their final arguments next Wednesday.

Scott Hutchison, lawyer for Laura Miller, said Thursday that the defence does not intend to call any evidence but indicated that it would need about three hours for legal arguments.

Miller and David Livingston, two former senior staffers in the premier’s office, face charges of attempted mischief to data and unauthorized use of a computer.

A charge of breach of trust was dropped by the Crown.

Prosecutors allege that the pair went to extraordinary and illegal lengths to wipe out records on government computers that they were required to keep.

The defence has asserted the pair, who have pleaded not guilty, had the right to delete personal and political emails, and that prosecutors have presented no evidence that any other documents were destroyed.

  • Jabberwokk

    Nothings going to happen.

  • Clausewitz

    Why worry about evidence when you know the whole trial is nothing more than a scam?

  • Old Guy

    It matters little how the media spin the trial’s outcome. Everyone knows the fix was in.

  • Waffle

    The law firm of Heinen Hutchison is in every Liberal’s Rolodex. Hint: think Michael Bryant, Jian Ghomeshi for starters.

  • Alain

    Such an insulting farce when the one responsible for giving the order to do this is not even in the picture. No civil servant would ever take such an initiative without having been directed to do so.

    • Waffle

      Agreed, but I don’t think that Livingston and Miller could be considered civil servants.

      • Alain

        Even more reason that they were following the order given to them.

        • Waffle

          Sausage making is always messy and disgusting. Their job was to protect “the boss”. It was not necessary for him to give orders nor to know the details. Besides, he was at the plastic surgery clinic just up the street having dermabrasion to remove his teenage acne scars.

          • Alain

            That remains the same thing. Leaving McGuinty excluded from this is an insulting farce. They carried out whatever were the terms for their contract.

    • Gary

      When this whole thing blew-up I didn’t believe for a minute that McGuinty fled to Boston for a “job” as a teacher . He was coached by a Lawyer to get out of canada and away from the media , then he could find a list of excuses for why he can’t return to canada .
      Wynne bought off the OPP in 2015 with that 8.3% raise to make up for Dalton making it look like the OPP had a Pay-Freeze .
      The old Canada is dead because the corrupt elites and liberals fear a communist take-over and had to be worse than communism to stay in power.