Gay Times suspends its new editor over tweets slamming Jews, lesbians, straight women, Egyptians, Asians, Chinese, transgender people, fat people, mothers and bus drivers

Bus drivers?

  • Brett_McS

    Asians and Chinese?

    • Bla Bla

      secret code word for muslim…

  • ontario john

    #Bus Driver Lives Matter

    • tom_billesley

      Does “bus driver” mean muslim in Polari (British gay cant)?

  • tom_billesley

    He can’t use the Spacey gambit of announcing that he is living as a gay man.

    • David Murrell

      Josh Rivers is someone I would not enjoy having a breakfast with.

  • simus1

    Bus drivers who radiate the sullen animosity of probable defrocked cops tend to raise my anxiety level. This guy would too.

  • Literally Hitler

    Gay is the most inappropriate of euphemisms.

    • DaninVan

      Heh, good one!

      (I think it comes from that Xmas carol, ‘Now we don our gay apparel…(?) )

      • Norman_In_New_York

        Mad Magazine attributed that carol line to Liberace.

  • Blind Druid

    Sorry – couldn’t even read the article. The pic with those huge felchy lips was enough.