CBC’s Official Homosexual tells Jason Kenney parents have no rights to raise their children

Rick Mercer – Official Homosexual of the CBC

‘Pick on someone your own size’: Rick Mercer calls out Jason Kenney in GSA rant as Bill 24 passes

  • David Murrell

    Rick Mercer’s boyfriend Gerald Lunz, was also his executive producer at CBC. Talk about corruption and nepotism. I’m not sure if Mercer has left the CBC for good, or if he is just taking a leave of absence. His hit job against Mr. Kenney is just pure CBC-left politics.

    • This is the CBC “normalizing” the Liberal Party’s morality.

      • Jabberwokk

        It will crash in around and on them. Eventually.

      • Gary

        Look at how easy the CBC went on Svend Robinson and George Smithermen. Svend was caught stealing a $60,000.00 ring to marry his boy-toy lover and denied it for 2 days until the video evidence proved it. Svend was Mr.Bigmouth for Social Justice and equal treatment in the Courts no matted the colour of Status in society.
        Wow….that ended quickly when Svend was looking at an ass-pounding federal prison term. Suddenly he demanded the RCMP give him MP privileges . He was quick to blame the stress from Homophobia in canada but when that didn’t go over well….he did what was popular for the Celebrities and ran to a Doctor to claim he suffered depression and had snapped in his false reality to take the ring.
        As for Smithermen , while the CBC went after Rob Ford during the allegation phase….George and Trudeau went public to admit to illegal drug use and fueling the drug trade as buyers. Police Chief Blair had once said that he want to charge Rob Ford retroactively based on evidence…..but Blair didn’t care about George’s admission upfront on TV for the really hard drugs .
        Now Blair is an MP for Trudeau and Blair is part of legalizing Pot .

        Then we have Smithermen’s spouse abuse case where he was a drug addict and in 2013 he had to get away from George and ran away. The Police found Georges spouse almost naked and in the fetal position by a Railway bridge at Lansdowne ave which was also near a known crack house and dealers.
        I remember the choppers flying by my place and they were too low to be commercial craft….they were the Police choppers while the ground search used Cops on horses.
        Keep in mind that when Ford had that allegation of domestic violence…the Police were forced to not allow Rob to stay in the house until the issue was made clear.
        Yet in George’s case the Police merely return him home with no suspicion of any abuse that cause the event. It was just a under 3 month later the spouse committed suicide .
        It used to be the protocol to look into charges for inciting a suicide with is a crime by-proxy just as a robbery that causes a heart attack and kills the victims is involuntary manslaughter where your action led to the death.

        Where was the CBC to ask the tough questions for why the Police returned a possible domestic violence spouse back the home that may have cause it, then we have the follow-up for why the Police ignored that Protocol and may have aided in the suicide if George was a closet-abuser and given a pass for be gay .
        But then we saw how the CBC also gave a pass to muslims when Jian Ghomeshi was accused of sexually assaulting and beating white non-muslim women .

        Liberalism is a mental disorder which explains the ruling by our Liberal SCOC and how Madame Arbour managed to laugh at muslim rape gang Pedophilia to girls during the Munk debate with Mark Styne.
        She is one sick bastard living in her well-policed wealthy White neighbourhood and see herself as a quasi-god that metes out which Rights we can have.
        Justin father caused this mess and now Justin will double down as he uses the CBC for the islamophobia scam while bringing in thousands more pro-sharia 10th century muslims that want Mercer DEAD.

  • ontario john

    Ben Levin agrees with him. According to the CBC, its wrong for homosexual priests to prey on young boys, but its ok for homosexuals to prey on young boys in schools. Funny old world isn’t it.

  • ntt1

    I understand his swagger stick was indeed located after a simple operation under local anesthesia , why he decided to keep it there in the first place is a mystery

  • Millie_Woods

    He’s in agreement with the NAZIs.


  • A Hamilton Guy

    I used to have time for Mercer because I don’t give a shit as long as your hand is off my knee,but this does it. I won’t trust any faggot! Rick ; you just shit in your bed!

  • DMB

    Seriously is Jason Kenny gay or straight because from all I can find of him is that he is a “committed bachelor” (whatever that means). Much like Patrick Brown who’s sexual orientation is questionable. There have already been some outed Conservative politicians most notably former cabinet minister John Baird. I wonder if Rick Mercer is more upset at Kenney for not being open on what is his sexual orientation is or more specifically if Kenney is gay and that he hasn’t come out of the closet than the GSA bill.

    • Tooth&Claw

      I wonder about his orientation too. He could be asexual, but that’s a longshot.

  • Old Guy

    Will schools in places like Edmonton and Calgary be safe for GSA clubs?

    Both cities have Muslim populations that are politically active and have been known in the past to have violently confronted groups with whom they disagree.

    You have to ask the question, What could happen when a situation develops at one of these schools with a GSA club?