Cambodian Supreme Court Dissolves Opposition Political Party

The last time something like this happened, a bunch of Cambodians died:

Cambodia’s Supreme Court ordered the main opposition party to be dissolved on Thursday, dealing a crushing blow to democratic aspirations in the increasingly oppressive Southeast Asian state. The decision clears the way for the nation’s authoritarian leader to remain in power for years to come.

The verdict, which was widely expected, comes amid a growing push by the administration of Prime Minister Hun Sen to neutralize political opponents and silence critics ahead of elections due in July 2018.

Chief Judge Dith Munty, who is a senior ruling party member, announced the nine-member court’s unanimous ruling.

He said 118 opposition party members would also be banned from politics for the next five years.

The government accuses the Cambodia National Rescue Party of plotting a coup and has called for its dissolution for weeks. The opposition staunchly denies the allegations and says they are politically motivated — a position backed by international rights groups and independent analysts who say no credible evidence has emerged to back the claims.

  • Watchman

    It’s starting to feel like YearZero all over again. I do hope I’m wrong.

  • enkidu

    Probably another country that Shiny Pony admires for its dictatorship and its ability to turn an election around on a dime.

    • Watchman

      And Pol Pot’s devotion to reduce their Carbon Footprint by switching to a low Carbon emission economy, as well as a reduction by the Cambodian population, especially that from exhaled Carbon Dioxide.

  • P_F

    Be prepared for another flood of ‘refugees’, this time from cambodia.