A growing number of Swedes are victims of crime: survey

The proportion of the population who have been victims of what is classed as ‘crime against an individual’ – assault, threats, mugging, fraud, harassment, or sexual assault – is at its highest level since records began in 2006. The report is based on survey answers, not on reports to the police.

  • Ed

    “…As for the reasons behind the increase, more research is needed. … There’s likely something else but I wouldn’t know what that is…”

    Honestly, the Onion should just shut down. They’re being out done at every turn.

  • Liberal Progressive

    None of those are crimes under Sharia Law!

    The police are just persecuting the poor refugees.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Just decriminalize crime. It’s not about crime it’s about metrics. Everything is wonderful

  • Alain

    Of course they see no connection between mass importation of thieves, murderers and rapists. Import 3rd world garbage and you quickly become another 3rd world garbage dump.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      When I was a kid; we used to spend some of our time at the local dump shooting rats. I guess we will have to take up that pass time again.

      • Alain

        I did the same and later added taking a couple of ferrets and let them kill the rats.