4chan Launches “Operation Swedistan” In A Last Ditch Attempt To Save Sweden

Hot off the heels of their stunningly successful It’s Ok To Be White campaign. Which managed to stir up both outrage and national media attention in multiple countries round the world. 4chan’s infamous politically incorrect board has now seemingly moved on to their next example of expert level political trolling. Their target this time? The never ending joke that is modern Sweden.

  • David Murrell

    Good, solid underground guerrilla work by 4chan. Here they are using good satire to skewer Sweden’s establishment, royally. Such an effort could be used here in Canada. It could scare the ruling elites.

    • Clink9

      They are begging for it here.
      The left hates royalty but sure act like it when in power.

    • Hard Little Machine

      I suspect it will work beyond their wildest dreams. Sweden will likely change their flag soon.

      • Yes, it could well backfire. The Swedes are that far from rationality.