Trudeau to personally unveil peacekeeping plan

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will personally reveal today what Canada has offered to provide the United Nations in terms of troops and military equipment for peacekeeping missions.

  • David Murrell

    I suppose many of us remember the Somalia peacekeeping “scandal” — when members of the Parachute Regiment killed a few Somalis trying to creep into the Regiment’s camp to steal. The politically-correct corporate media raged against the Regiment (a large proportion of the few implicated were tough aboriginal soldiers), and then Prime Minister Jean Chretien disbanded the Regiment.

    The problem, then and now, is that the ultra-pc establishment wants to view Canadian soldiers as nicey-nicey blue-helmeted soldiers, doing social work in their nicey-nicey peacekeeping roles. But even peacekeeping requires dirty work, stuff the CBC and the Globe and Mail do not like. We could get into the same situation again — and all the Liberals will do will be to urinate on our soldiers — once again.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      I remember a video of a young, gangily, country-boy-type CAF trooper, who served there…jokingly amazed, he said “All they do is eat wheat.”

    • UCSPanther

      Steven Harper would later restore the Airborne Regiment.

      In places like Somalia, you are dealing with people who culturally, are IRL versions of orks and post-apocalyptic raiders. Being nice to them in cases of stealing and other criminal behavior only encourages them to come back for more…

      The BS of “all cultures are equal” was what caused the media-fueled freakout over those troops sending a harsh message to those little thieves…

    • Watchman

      As peacekeepers, will Trudeau ensure they are adequately armed with ploughshares as per Bible:  Isaiah 2:4?

      • David Murrell

        Heh. And there is a lefty “peace” group called Project Ploughshares:

        that operates under the Canadian Council of Churches (a far left group utterly ignorant of actual church goers).

        • UCSPanther

          “Those who beat their swords into ploughshares, end up plowing for those who don’t”.

      • UCSPanther

        Beating spears into pruning hooks? They never heard of the English Bill, a polearm that was developed from the billhook, a common pruning knife.

        The bill was a favorite weapon of the Welsh during their 1401 rebellion against the British, and a standard issue weapon of British infantry for many years…

    • Clausewitz

      The reason why the whole unit was disbanded, (The Para’s drew from multiple regiments across Canada) was because Chretien had to deal with the fact that the offending troopers were all from one unit, the Van Doos. Now someone remind me where that unit is based.

  • deplorabledave
  • mauser 98
  • Sharkibark

    “It’s more about protecting civilians and working to build a peace in a hostile environment where belligerents are not identified. In the face of this extraordinary and evolving challenge, we must ask ourselves: What can we do better? What must we do differently?”

    I have an idea – let these 3rd world sh*tholes sort themselves out, and protect only our allies and friendly countries as needed?

    • tom_billesley

      The whole idea of “UN peace keeping” is to patrol a cease-fire line already agreed by all parties, as in Cyprus, so that they can be a neutral presence to observe and report on any infractions. The soldiers aren’t equipped to be “peace makers” once hostilities recommence. In that event they’re supposed to pull out and seek only to protect themselves. Seldom will they be able to protect civilians (Srebrenica?). If the UN Security Council then wants to make an armed intervention it has to make a conscious decision to do so (as in Korea), and not allow UN contingents to be sucked into active participation in a conflict just because they’re there.

    • occupant 9

      “… where belligerents are not identified …” sounds like walking into an ambush, beginning at the policy level.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …” a rapid reaction force…between Israel and Syria”…lol….try “Suicide-Squad”.

  • simus1

    Yes, yes. But to show his total commitment to the cause, Shiny Pony should declare himself Honourary Colonel in Chief of this “new regiment” and have spiffy new cutting edge dress uniforms made up specially for his own self and his two A d’ Cs, GLLKDW and Alberta Red Army reservist R Nutley.

  • Gary

    We are now seeing a few Somali Mosques in Canada that are pumping out jihadists that go back to their parents homeland to wage war but some are doing Jihad right here. When the parents are low IQ rabid savages….the children won’t be much different.
    The Regent Park housing project in 1948 was a post-War effort to help low income workers have a place to live as they climb the social ladder and get enough money to buy a house.
    In 1946 my Parents took their Military pay after 3 1/2 years service and put about $400.00 down on a $4000.00 3 Bdr house . But the private sector jobs would pay much more per day and the idea for Regent Park was a springboard.

    Today, those ‘Good intentions’ of the 1940’s Toronto has turned into the Industrial Welfare Complex that attracts those same Somalis that now have carved out several islamvilles across Canada . The Dixon rd and Kipling area was where Somalis parachuted into after landing at Pearson with NO ID to make a refugee claim.
    The Apartment-Alley on Dixon was taken over by these bogus refugees that demanded dogs to be banned from the buildings ….it became Welfare-Alley and still has Somalis on welfare with NO plans to get a job or respect Canada’s values.

    If i wanted to live in a violent carp-hole with unclean water and dirt roads….I would have move to Somalia , I don’t want Somalia to come here.
    Justin’s Somali MP is the Immigration Minister that had spoke about muslims embracing Canada’s values and being Canadian first. But that is now exposed a the PC ruse to join the Liberals because now that he’s an MP he embraces Sharia in Canada and supports M-103.

  • ontario john

    I just watched feminist Trudeau make his big announcement. What a disgrace! The man is a total idiot. Let me give you the reasons why. First you would think from his entire speech, that it was some sort of feminist rant. Among other things, he is setting aside 15 million dollars to train female soldiers in other countries. And he will be putting an emphasis on sending female Canadian soldiers into hot spots. Because as he basically put it, male Canadian soldiers are sexist bastards. Next he totally lied to the public during the election on what our military would be involved in. His new plan is sending small groups to shit holes to provide training and support. This includes having troops provide services on gender issues. As a retired officer myself, along with many other former military personnel, including retired generals have stated, this is a totally wrong approach that will end up costing Canadian lives. Sending small groups all over Africa is a disaster waiting to happen. Well, I hope he gets that security seat, because its going to come at a great cost in body bags.

    • occupant 9

      If it costs “Canadian” lives esp if those are military lives, Baby Doc won’t shed but tears of virtue. We just pay for the country but the elites and their 7th century invaders are the genuine “Canadians”.

  • Lightstream

    Further into the debt hole we go…as usual the money is not being spent for Canadians. Forget peacekeeping for other countries as we might be needing peacekeeping for our own soon.

  • Yo Mama

    An he wants lots of wimmin peace keepers cuz yous dont cross no wimmin with PMS!

    • occupant 9

      In the normal world that would be the hilarious common sense, but now, that chuckle is a hate crime. This, our soldiers died for?

  • What peace-keeping plan?

    He can’t even decide to be waffly.