Transgender Service Member Receives Gender Reassignment Surgery on Military’s Dime

An active-duty service member underwent gender reassignment surgery on Tuesday in an operation paid for by the Pentagon.

The surgery was done in a private hospital and was covered by the military’s health coverage because a doctor deemed it medically necessary, according to the Associated Press.

  • BillyHW
    • Exile1981

      Klinger wanted to be kicked out of the army and didn’t really believe he was a women.

      These current nuts want to be in the army and actually believe they are women.

    • Martin B

      Big difference. Klinger wasn’t a tranny, he didn’t even imagine gender reassignment surgery, he knew he was just a man in a dress and so did everyone else. He did it so that Colonel Potter would think he was crazy and give him a Section 8 so he could get out of Korea and go back home to Toledo. In those innocent days not so long ago, the audience knew and everybody knew that any man in a dress who actually thought he was a woman was really an utterly insane man.

      • Momma Beth

        Ok, I should have read yours first. GMTA

    • Momma Beth

      I loved Jamie Farr’s character, but he wasn’t a tranny. He was seeking a section 8 release due to psychological reasons.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Gender surgery not withstanding when does the DoD take someone out of service for elective surgery?

  • It’s not like we have to worry about North Korea or anything.

    • Exile1981

      Or better things to spend the military budget on.

  • Dave

    “a doctor deemed it medically necessary” How about a rubber room and some meds.

  • TruthSerum

    An anorexic truly believes they are fat. (even tho’ that is not the case) Should we provide anorexics with lap band and other weight loss surgeries to go along with the person’s perception?

    Both transgenderism and anorexia are examples of body dysmorphia. Yet one has now become socially accepted and pandered to – even by providing major surgeries.

    • Momma Beth


  • tom_billesley

    If unfit for duty, why not a medical discharge?
    Are other employers obliged to do the same? Presumably they’d be unable to discriminate by not employing someone who had known gender issues, and then have to cover them for medical costs including reassignment. Robots won’t present this sort of problem to employers.