The Lastmans Offer to Fund Streetsville Santa Parade

God bless us, everyone:

Who is going to miss out on attending the famous Streetsville Santa Claus parade?

If Mel and Blayne Lastman have any say: “N-o-o-o-o-o-body.”

The former Toronto mayor and his legendary Bad Boy retailer son have stepped up to try to save the cancelled parade.

“I think of the kids,” said Mel. “The kids have to have a Santa Claus parade at Christmas.”

A lot of people were surprised when word snuck out over the weekend that the parade planned for later this month on the famous old town’s main street in Mississauga was being scrapped in favour of an expanded Christmas market concept.

The market idea does sound terrific, but the tradition of the Streetsville Santa Claus parade, held every year since 1974, would sadly end. Blayne Lastman is hoping it doesn’t have to.