Mother who took her children to Syria found guilty of aiding terrorism

A woman who travelled to Syria with her family to start a new life in the Islamic State has been released from prison after she was given a two-year sentence for preparing terrorist acts.

  • deplorabledave

    Guilty of aiding terrorism, free as a bird. The euros are really screwed.

  • H

    So the father just excuses her hatred and evil toward non-muslims: it’s one thing to love and support one’s children, and quite another to explicitly or implicitly condone everything they do. “I’ve made a big mistake. Forgive me!” And he should have replied, “then renounce islam and your murderous spouse.”

  • simus1

    She doesn’t look Dutch and zero mention of her mum.
    Lawyer Michael “Pestman” – a rose by any ………. Not !
    “I want a shyster whose name will be my battle flag! Get me PESTMAN !”

  • Hard Little Machine

    Why did she come back?

    • simus1

      More fun being a pest closer to home.
      Wonder if she might be of partial South Moluccan (Christian) descent ? That would be a real twist of the knife into her parents guts if she had converted to islam.
      Those Christian populated islands were wrongly (cheaply) administered by the Dutch as a part of the overall muslim and Hindu Dutch East Indies and the inhabitants were ultra loyal to the colonial regime. When the Indonesians achieved independence scores were settled big time with these despised “brown Dutch collaborators”.

  • Blacksmith

    Now deport her stupid ass back to Syria, and take her passport.

  • felis gracilis

    This is a person who has constructively renounced her Dutch citizenship. There was no reason to let her back into the country at all. They should have just told her: “Sorry ma’am, but you’re no longer one of ours. Hopefully the Kurds will be merciful.”

  • Only two years?

  • Barrington Minge

    WHY was it released?