ISIS Group Vows ‘Christmas Blood’ While Depicting Attack on Vatican

A pro-ISIS media group today circulated a poster depicting a vehicle moving toward the Vatican with a cache of weapons, vowing “Christmas blood.”

“So wait…” are the only other words on the image from the Wafa’ Media Foundation.

  • WalterBannon

    oh no, please don’t kill Pope Karl Marx, mr jihadi…

    • Jabberwokk

      Not that I’m wishing for the man’s death but it would not effect me in anyway if the line of popes came to an end.

      Wipe out the Vatican. eliminate the cardinals. raze it all to the ground.

      the church is not diminished in the the slightest. The church is not the barns they inhabit but the people themselves.

      • People may not care for Pope Francis but consider this: if he is killed, it’s open season on everyone.

        What happened to the Copts will be a picnic next to the upcoming onslaught.

        The Church will not die but everyone else will.

        • Jabberwokk


          Secondly it’s already open season. Trucks of peace and mass shooting/rape span the globe now.

          At the end of the day the Pope is a man like any other. It is Christ who is the centerpiece, the person, and the point of Christianity(It’s not called popeianity) and try as any might they can never kill that.

          I just don’t see any correlation between the loss of the pope and what your saying. It’s hard for me to just not think “so what?”. I would mourn the loss of life but that’s all.

          • Consider what would have happened had Saint John Paul II been killed. European communism would have triumphed.

            Same thing here.

            The Pope isn’t just a man. He is the successor of Saint Peter and the visible sign of Christianity everywhere. Imagine killing Trump. He is only a man, isn’t he? Or is he the favoured candidate of most Americans and the person who sits in the highest office of the land? How would leftists and Islamists react if he took a bullet? I’m sure such things would embolden the nutters.

            That is why killing him would be a boon to Islamists and leftists alike.

            It’s always been open season in Islamist countries. Imagine bombs going off in Canadian churches. There would be nowhere for anyone to go.

            You may not care for Pope Francis but, as these are dangerous times for everyone, you should pray for him. Now, we are all in the same boat.

          • Jabberwokk

            And yet by many admission the current pope is a Marxist. Looks to me Communism conquered Europe regardless of the popes up to and including the papistry itself. That is because like anything on earth it is corruptible. Anything comprising of human beings has that potential.

            The whole of Catholic hierarchy(note not Catholics themselves) is nearly 1 to 1 ratio of the Pharisees and Sadducees whom Christ hated. We both agree centralized authority is a railway to corruption in governance yet when it comes to the catholic church a blind eye is turned to the very same thinking.

            Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a man like any other. And he can carry his cross like any other. But his insight is no more or no less valuable than any christian wishes it to be. What you bind on earth is bound in heaven and what you loose here is loosed there. So if you wish to bind yourself to the authority of Catholicism then by your word may it be done. But keep this in mind, that authority is of man not God. Why is Peter who denounced his Lord held in greater esteem than, John who stood with him, or Thomas who touched him, Or paul who wrote 2/3 of the new testament and opposed peter? Because Someone read half a verse and decided it needed to be. Men not God, and as it is written “The tradition of Man make the word of God of no effect”. Mohammad claims divine inspiration the same as john smith. Men always claim special access to the divine over and above others and it always ends in the grave. None of these can save you and Jesus alone is the cornerstone of our faith.

            Jesus is the way. not the Pope. He is the life. not the pope. He is the truth. Not the pope. And he is who we will answer to and not the pope. Ultimately it is Jesus, not Jorge, you owe your fealty.

            I will pray for the pope for the wisdom and the revelation that he may be the salt of the earth and light in the darkness that all Christians should be and for the people (whether I agree or not) under his charge. I will pray for for his safety as I will pray for yours. But as a brother in Christ not as the Pope until such a time God tells me otherwise.

            As for the violence it has already come. Two church shootings in Texas and a Truck of peace in Edmonton. The way europe is going seeing the Vatican burn to the ground is all but inevitable. If you see the Pope as some kind of bulwark against this that’s your call. I do not. Every Christian is called to be the bulwark. And in my view we all could be doing a much better job.

          • Okay.

            Kill the Pope then.

            You’ll feel a lot better and so will the leftists and Muslims.

            He’s just a guy. How bad could this get, right?

            I’m sure there will someone else to pick up the torch as there was when Saint John Paul II was around.

            Oh, wait …

          • Jabberwokk

            First I want apologize for laying it on too thick. I often let my passions get the better of me. I’m sorry.

            Second I do would not feel better if the pope died. I would be indiffrent of the position disappeared. Just being honest.

            Last even if the worst were to happen God promised not leave you orphaned. He will always find someone to raise up for his purpose.

          • No, I should apologise for jumping on you.

            I try to see things in a much bigger light. People may have their differences with the idea of or a particular pope but he is a symbol which is why he is targeted. His death will a huge impact.

            I don’t know why Pope Francis doesn’t see that. He may think that he is going to a better place if assassinated but that leaves the path for some rather bad things in that wake.

          • Jabberwokk

            Well regardless we are on the same side.

            Let’s hope that if the pope has not the wisdom to see his position, that he has someone around him that does.

          • He gets many things wrong but I don’t think that he is evil.


    • DMB

      He is not worried in the slightest bit considering he does not believe Islamic Terrorism exist. He does however believe in man made climate change. Fools come in many forms.

  • Dana Garcia

    ISIS has made it clear that their to do list includes “conquering Rome” meaning the Vatican by 2020. That project also plans on beheading the pope live on the internet. So Italy’s allowing hordes of allah’s monsters into the vicinity was probably unwise.

  • tom_billesley

    Rapper ‘Vargasss 92’ asked his fans to assemble for a music video in Place de la Monnaie in Brussels. It quickly turned into a riot as police were attacked with rocks, knives and iron bars. Cars and shops were vandalized. Local police withdrew and asked for federal assistance.

  • k1992

    Always spreading joy and good cheer, islam is. Of course, ISIS is a particularly egregious example of islam’ toxic and violent nature, but even speaking more generally, what positives has this hateful ideology contributed to the world, even to the lives of its own adherents?

  • Clausewitz

    The Irony of the present day Pope being taken out by his friends the Muslims is not lost on me.

  • simus1

    Please don’t bomb the beautiful ancient defensive walls built around the Vatican, mr jihadi.
    Can’t someone persuade Pope Evita to decamp back to Buenos Aires or perhaps even Venezuela to spare Italy from attack? He could keep busy there blessing those starving and dying in the streets and reasoning with the marxist kleptocracy to permit delivery of all the food he has awaiting offloading from all the ships he has chartered that are stuck offshore.