Does Monitoring Muslim Communities Stop Terrorist Attacks?

The mosque attended by the recent New York terrorist had previously been under surveillance from an NYPD program that was later cancelled. News of this has led some to wonder whether or not cancelling the program was a mistake. When evaluating counter-terrorism methods, it’s important to be objective. The metric that really matters is “Did the program work?” So, the question to be asked is: Could a cancelled Muslim community surveillance program have stopped the recent terror attack in New York?

If the success record of that program in stopping terrorists is anything to go by, that seems unlikely.

  • If people get off of their @$$es when they receive intel, perhaps.

    • Exile1981

      Part of the problem is that the people they pay to monitor these mosques are generally muslims they recruit. The programs have low success because the ‘spies’ are actually working for Islam, they have no intention of reporting the truth and I suspect in a significant number of cases they tip off the extremists in the mosque that they are there to watch them.

      • This is helped by cowards too afraid to be “politically incorrect”.

        • Exile1981

          Yup. No one wants to admit that the majority of Muslims are more loyal to Islam than to the constitution or the nation.

          • That there is nothing in their religion that expects co-operation for mutual benefit or goodness should give people a clear idea of what kind of people one is dealing with.

  • BillyHW

    Questions the Japanese security agencies will never know the answer to.

    • John Boy

      Point taken.

      It is much safer and much less expensive to ban it than to monitor it.

  • Canadian PM urged to intervene in Paris bomber’s case
    Artists, activists and politicians appeal to Justin Trudeau to intervene to free suspect in 1980 attack on a Paris synagogue.

    Evidently, Muslims know that Justin Trudeau is a Muslim activist (i.e. a jihadist)! They appeal for his help when they need it. In this case, to obtain the release of a murderous terrorist, a Jew-killer.

    • Yo Mama

      An 4 that Justin will give him $10 Million.

    • Ottawa Eyes

      Diab is supported by former cocaine dealer and now filmmaker Atom Egoyan, and former OCAP anarchist and now filmmaker Sarah Polley.

  • favill

    On Friday evening roll up to every mosque in the city and lock the doors from the outside. Then, subdue them with tear gas and “knock-out” gas to render those inside “pliable”–send armed troops to corral them into large trucks and transport them to the docks where they will be put on large container ships that are controlled remotely. Put the container ships in convoy escorted by destroyers and submarines. Beach the ships on the coasts of Somalia and other Muslim African countries. If the passengers of a container ship gain control of the ship and start breaking away, torpedo it and chum the waters by firing on the survivors with machine guns to attract sharks–“pour encourager les autres” not to do the same. Results: 1. No requirement to monitor the Fifth Columnists in your population; 2. No “allah snackbar” attacks on civilian population.