Coup in Zimbabwe

Oh, boy:

Zimbabwe’s army said Wednesday it has President Robert Mugabe and his wife in custody following a night of unrest that included a military takeover of the state broadcaster, a move that puts Mugabe’s future in doubt.

Military vehicles moved into the streets of Harare on Tuesday night and had control of key points in the Zimbabwean capital by Wednesday morning.

It was the culmination of a power struggle in the ruling ZANU-PF party, in which senior military officials and politicians had been battling with a faction led by Mr. Mugabe’s wife, Grace. The feud was worsened by a crumbling economy and by an internal battle over who will succeed the 93-year-old President when he dies or steps down.


  • ontario john

    Don’t worry, things will settle down in Africa, now that feminist Trudeau is sending female soldiers to spread the feminist message to the wogs.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Hard to tell what will happen. Coups in Africa rarely turn out well.

    • Nothing in Africa turns out well.

      • Hard Little Machine

        Strangely, both Angola and Mozambique are doing fine and Uganda’s economy is running on all cylinders. I grew up a half day drive from Mozambique during their civil war(s) and while it’s taken a good long time to get their heads screwed on, it finally happened. Kind of amazing when you consider that the Marxist revolution killed upwards of a half a million people and then…..ran out of gas and they gave up and became a normal country. On the other side of the continent, Angola is an economic gem. Is it corrupt? Yes, but in terms of what happens in Africa it’s pretty good.

  • felis gracilis

    This is about 30 years too late.

  • Mugabe, an evil man.