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Black high school students demand white principal’s ouster … for not agreeing with their narrative

DuPont Manual High School’s Gerald Mayes had met with two black students in late October who were upset that the football coach would not permit student trainers to kneel. Unbeknownst to the principal, one of the students recorded the conversation.

So, what exactly did the principal say that was offensive?

According to the Courier-Journal, Mayes told the pair that some students were choosing to take a knee “for sensationalism”:

“I don’t have a problem with anyone that’s sincere,” he said. “I have a problem with people that do it just for attention.” With that, he agreed with the duo that a student should not face consequences for kneeling, and said he would speak with the football coach about the issue.

Migrant Boys Replacing Girls as Prostitutes in Gender-Equal Sweden

Anna Lagerdahl, a police officer who has extensive experience fighting human trafficking and prostitution, said she has almost exclusively dealt with girls selling sex in the street, yet argued that the police aren’t as effective at getting in touch with boys and men. One of the reasons is the surrounding secrecy, as most sex-related transactions involving males are made via closed online forums, as opposed to “traditional” prostitution.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of so-called “underage refugees” currently at risk of deportation have been pointed out as “raw material” for a new shadow community as they may choose to go underground after their asylum applications are ultimately rejected. Many of them have either reached the age of 18 or have been found to have lied about their age upon arrival in Sweden.

Federal Website Tracking Liberal Government Promises Is A ‘Propaganda Tool,’ Opposition Says

“There is some stuff in here that already raises some red flags,” said NDP Treasury Board critic Daniel Blaikie.

The Liberals’ pledge to balance the budget by 2019-2020, for example, is listed on the government website as “underway – with challenges.” None of the Finance department’s projects show a balanced budget for the next several years. Spending commitments the Liberals made suggest the budget won’t be balanced for several decades, and Finance Minister Bill Morneau refused last week to give a date for returning the books back to black.

How Have Attitudes Toward Extremism Changed Over Time?

The words “extreme,” “extremist,” and “extremism” carry so many connotations these days—far more than a basic dictionary definition could ever cover. Most would agree that Islamic State, the London Bridge and Manchester Arena attackers, as well as certain “hate preachers” are extremists. But what about Darren Osbourne, who attacked the Finsbury Park Mosque? Or Thomas Mair, who murdered Labour MP Jo Cox? Or even certain media outlets and public figures who thrive on stirring up hatred between people? Their acts are hateful and ideologically driven, but calls for them to be described in the same terms as Islamic extremists are more open to debate.

Filipinos urge Trudeau to take out Canadian trash still festering in Manila

Justin Trudeau’s visit to the Philippines brought him within a short walk of a Canadian controversy that has lingered in the Port of Manila for years: about 100 stranded containers crammed with thousands of tons of rotting trash from Canada.

The case of the rancid Canadian garbage, festering in Manila for about four years, is well known in the Philippines — it’s made headlines and led to protests by environmental and public-health activists.

They’ve been calling on Canada to repatriate the waste, which is said to include old wires, CDs, used plastic cups and soiled adult diapers. Estimates in local news reports say there could be as much as 2,500 tons of trash in 103 shipping containers.