Breitbart: UK government blasts charities for being ‘too white’

Charities must do more to ensure boards “reflect the communities they serve”, the charity watchdog has warned, after a report found the vast majority of trustees are white.

The Charity Commission urged charities to encourage applications from women, young people, and ethnic minorities, presenting research which revealed that 92 per cent of trustees are white and more than half are retired.

“There is a danger that charity trustee boards might become myopic in their views,” said the report, which was commissioned by the Office for Civil Society and the Charity Commission.

Check out the first link. What this is actually about:

  • the average age of trustees is 55-64 years; over half (51%) are retired
  • 75% of trustees have household incomes above the national median (I suppose they should be on welfare. – Ed)…
  • 71% of trustees are recruited through an informal process

is a push to make “charities” government controlled. They don’t want independent volunteers.