Two years after Bataclan terrorist attacks France ‘must forget’

Life in the Paris music club’s street seems to have returned to normal. Yet omnipresent police and a new counterterrorism law reveal the lasting effects of the night when 90 people lost their lives at the Bataclan.

This is why the world detests these cheese eating surrender monkeys.


  • simus1

    The French were once said by some to be “the Chinese Of Europe” given their unshakable conviction that their timeless culture was superior in all ways and impregnable to all weak external foreign influences.
    Long time passing.

    • mauser 98

      Chauvin a general in Napoleons army

      • simus1

        The tag supposedly originated from the demobilized cavalrymen of some lost war who found employment as carriage drivers for wealthy Parisians. Their preferred way to quickly obtain information from any of their more interesting looking captured prisoners in wartime was to start a small fire and secure the unfortunate’s bare feet in close proximity to it.

        The more sanitized versions hark back to wandering bands of brigands using similar methods to get more isolated prosperous landowners to reveal the hiding places of their gold stashes.

  • JoKeR
    • simus1

      Plus high tech “super green zones” in all principal cities housing very highly paid bureaucrats with no known useful functions. The Tri State will live on.