Trudeau In the Philippines, Part Deux

Strong man, he is not:

After pleas from Filipino activists, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau raised the issue of human rights violations with Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte on the sidelines of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit Tuesday, a conversation Trudeau described as “cordial.”

Human rights talks with Duterte aren’t “cordial”, Justin.



Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered a sales pitch to core members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations on Tuesday in hope they will open the door to Canada joining their exclusive and influential circle.

But I thought that Canada was back.



Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said he was angered and insulted on Tuesday by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s comments about the Philippine government’s war on drugs, which has earned widespread condemnation for leaving thousands of suspects dead.

Trudeau said he raised concerns about human rights abuses and extrajudicial killings in Duterte’s anti-drug campaign when he met Tuesday with the president ahead of Canada’s summit in the Philippines with the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

Trudeau was the first leader of the 20 attending this week’s ASEAN summit and related meetings who has publicly said he brought up the touchy issue with the volatile Filipino leader.

“I also mentioned human rights, the rule of law and specifically extrajudicial killings as being an issue that Canada is concerned with,” Trudeau said at a news conference. “I impressed on him the need for respect for the rule of law, and as always offered Canada’s support and help as a friend to move forward on what is a real challenge.”

He said Duterte was receptive to his comments and their exchange was cordial and positive.

But Duterte later told reporters that he had refused to provide an explanation for the killings.

What? Duterte refused to be swayed by the Fils?

Well, I am shocked, ect.

  • robins111

    One wonders what the reaction would be from the Spawn and the Canadian media if Duterte had responded by complaining about Canada’s human rights record due the the ongoing infantcide called the abortion industry.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      You beat me to the punch.

    • Shebel

      Or the ‘infantile’ idiot that Canadians elected as PM.

    • Not a sound.

    • Or how about the Liberal Party of Canada’s use of CSIS as its personal Political Police to spy on and conduct operations against Canadian citizens?

  • favill

    Please enlighten me as to why it’s wrong to kill drug dealers and crime capos? Spend $100Ks to bring the perpetrator to court to either have him/her get off on a technicality, bribe/blackmail/threaten the judge/jury (quite possible in a Third World country), or if convicted the government spends money incarcerating him, while he is still able to conduct his illegal business from his jail cell (this happens in the States and Canada)…versus let’s say a whole magazine of bullets (30) at a cost of $1.50/bullet. You folks talk about the huge and still burgeoning debts at all levels of government. There’s a cost comparison for you $45 vs $100Ks (perhaps even $1M depending on the sentence and level of incarceration). And we won’t even discuss all the safe-injection sites that are opening all over the country for the victims of the drug pushers and organized crime families.

    • Shebel

      Oh! For Gawds sake.
      Now you are just being sensible.

    • If Central America took the Duterte approach the drug Cartels, and the murderous street gangs (MS-13 etc.), would finally be brought to bay. And there wouldn’t be tens of thousands of Central Americans flooding Northern borders. It’s a problem that can only be resolved by these Nations using their respective Military forces and declaring war on these criminal organizations. But they can’t do that, because if they do countries like Canada will head up an international campaign to cease all foreign aid, under the guise of “Human Rights”. Because that’s what they have done in the past — it’s Human Rights “extortion” that results in 1000x times more deaths, economic devastation, chaos, and human rights violations in the long term than if they were to take something like the Duterte approach.

      By the way, I wonder much money the Liberal Party of Canada receives from drug Cartels and uses it to finance so-called “Human Rights” organizations.

  • laja kurc

    It’s odd that Justin would bring up human rights when there is no real freedom of speech in Canada. And as far as Duterte being annoyed with the “Prime Minister” he probably assumed that the leader of a country would be an adult and not an infantile idiot.

    And as for Duterte’s questionnable methods, a good friend of mine who happens to be Filipino says that law abiding Filipinos are very happy with his crackdown because at least now criminals are being killed rather than innocent civilians who used to get caught in the cross fire between drug gangs.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      There is a divide between Canadian born Filipinos I know and those born in the Philippines.
      The ones who come from there all approve of what he is doing even if some of them think he is crazy.
      The Canadian ones think he’s the worst man in the world.

      • Shebel

        So once you are in Canada for a while —-
        You become NICE to criminals and traitors ?

  • tom_billesley

    Duterte and Trudeau are very different.
    Trudeau better not look at him in the wrong way.

    • WalterBannon

      Duterte is a man and Trudeau is a douche

  • Samuel Q-L

    Scrolling through Twatter and people were praising Trudeau while denouncing Trump over Philippines human rights issue. They claimed that Trudeau was right to bring it up while Trump did not. I thinking that’s not going to go well since Trudeau denounced the Vatican Poop and China’s president over human rights. Now that I read that Mr Rodrigo Duterte denouncing Trudeau just proves my point. I believe that Mr Trump handled himself in a neutral & respectful matter while Justin went vigilante SJW. Trump I believe is winning on his travels while Trudeau is being mocked.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Funny, but Trump is a businessman with no previous political or diplomatic experience and he interacted with Duterte splendidly, shoring up a vital Asia-Pacific alliance while Trudeau, presumably knowing Duterte’s volatility, stumbled over his own feet.

      • I’m going to be lobbying for Trump to do the same thing in Central America, where the situation with drug cartels and murderous street gangs makes the Philippine problem look like child’s play. The problem in our own backyard and with our own neighbours who are barely able to function as normal societies because of this evil onslaught, is many times worse.

  • WalterBannon

    President Rodrigo Duterte should order Trudeau detained as a spy and summarily execute him

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Now, now, Cletis…

    • favill

      Wouldn’t it be HILARIOUS if illicit drugs are found on Trudeau or one of his minions…and are held back for transporting drugs….If there ever was a requirement for a “crooked” customs officer to plant the stuff on them…it would be now.

      • Shebel

        I would never want anyone practice such an illicit maneuver on a real Canadian Prime Minister —– but now that
        We have JUSTIN—– it would be a Blessing.

    • Shebel

      Trudeau who ?