Saint Catharines City Council Unhappy About Vet

Behold the multi-tiered legal system of Canada:

St. Catharines city council is adding its voice to community members who are unhappy that animal abuse charges were dropped against a local veterinarian.

Councillors unanimously passed a motion Monday night to send their objections to criminal charges being withdrawn against Dr. Mahavir Rekhi to Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General.

They are also asking for a written explanation from the Crown as to why the charges were dropped.

That does nothing. This is a pointless gesture in the face of absolutist law from activist judges and incompetent lawyers.

But it looks good to the voters.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    Right name , right suntan; you must drop charges!

    • This guy was caught dead to rights and not one charge.


      • DMB

        It probably won’t matter anyways considering that most of his customers are gone, he is only opened on Saturdays putting his business on life support. He is near retirement age and not in the best of health. It won’t be too long before his business is closed for good and he quietly retires.

  • Lightstream

    ‘No reasonable prospect of conviction.’??!!! Are they shittin’ blind as well as stupid??!!