Minnesota: Star-Tribune refuses to report name or background of Muslim migrant mall stabber

It’s true. I just searched the Star-Tribune website for Mahad Abdirahman. Nothing. Why not? Because Job One for the Star-Tribune, and the establishment media in general, is to make sure that no one has a negative view of Islam. Related to this is the media mission to make sure that no one thinks ill of Muslim migrants. Among those migrants, however, will inevitably be an unknowable number of jihad terrorists. So the Star-Tribune is contributing to ignorance and complacency about an issue that people need to know about, and is enabling more jihad activity.

  • Maggat

    We don’t really need his name, the picture says it all!

    • mobuyus

      And for the blind his crime speaks of his muslimness.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        But can he throw a football?

        • mobuyus

          The old pig skin? You gotta be kidding me.

    • marty_p

      Breaking Toronto news – man stabbed outside Weston Rd & Lawrence Ave Shoppers Drug Mart – description indicates he’s probably a cousin of the Minnesota stabber.

    • caliroxanne

      Looks a bit like that Colin Kaepernick loser with a tan.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    How come they are all ugly and stupid looking. It looks like some body tried to improve his looks and failed.Good on ya’.

    • Shebel

      Be nice. This is Canada.

  • William Tecumseh Sherman was utterly right about the press: