Jew-hating BDS Leader Working to Get Pamela Geller Banned from Canada #M103

Here we go again. Vicious Jew-haters are invoking the sharia-based motion M103, which singles out the criticism of Islam as a form of “Islamophobia,” to try to get me banned from my December Hanukkah talk. “Islamophobia” is sharia enforcement of the blasphemy laws under Islamic law — the term amounts to little more than the enforcement of Sharia in the marketplace of ideas.

  • Chris

    The sheeple of Canada refuse to speak up when it is vital so this is what we get. Buy stock in textile miils that make burkas because they are going to be mighty busy in a few years.

  • just_one_Sewer Rat_guy

    Rip ’em a new one Pam!