Education Minister Walks Back From Pointing Out Biased Curriculum


Saskatchewan’s education minister is apologizing for referencing her son’s homework in a speech which appeared to question how treaty education is taught in schools.

Bronwyn Eyre says she’s sorry if there was confusion about her position and says she is committed to treaty education.

“I regret bringing up my son, and, if there was any misunderstanding that was caused, absolutely regret that as well,” Eyre said Tuesday after speaking to the Saskatchewan School Boards Association.

Eyre said in a speech in the legislature earlier this month that “there has come to be at once too much wholesale infusion into the curriculum … (and) too many attempts to mandate material into it both from the inside and by outside groups.”

She said her son, who is in Grade 8, brought home a history assignment that suggested all pioneers to Canada were ill-meaning.

When asked to clarify her speech, Eyre said it was about a broader discussion of curriculum. She suggested there might be too much “infusion” of First Nations history in schools.

Eyre told the school boards association that she is committed “to the 100 per cent mandating of treaty education in the province.”

  • Tooth&Claw

    Balance, all she had to say is it’s about balance and a broad perspective.

  • xavier

    Fork and replace. Seriously parents and investors should just create their own schools and let the public schools rot

  • Millie_Woods

    I have no idea if anything useful is being taught in our schools anymore. No wonder we have to import doctors, scientists and engineers……or maybe that’s been the plan all along.

  • BillyHW

    She must be made to find a use for buffalo anuses!

  • shasta

    “We have to also look at this as possibly a good opportunity for the
    minister to reflect on her position, her beliefs, and … come to the
    point where we can move forward in a good way.”

    Think as we say or else!

  • Jay Currie

    And people wonder why we home school.