Continental Breakfast

Romanian Peasant Omelette – Omletă țărănească – click on the image for recipe.

Cross-Dressing ‘Queer Role Models’ Read to Toddlers to Stop ‘Hate Crimes’

Men dressed as women are being brought into UK nursery schools as ‘queer role models’ for two and three-year-olds to stop them committing “hate crimes” later in life.

Drag Queen Story Time (DQST) holds sessions at taxpayer-funded schools, community centres, and libraries at which children learn songs about “transgender” teddy bears, as cross-dressers teach about homophobia, misogyny, and racism, and read books which promote ‘queer’ and LGBT lifestyles.

What is to blame for the widening racial earnings gap?

Canada’s labour force has become more diverse, but visible minorities as a whole still struggle to achieve parity in the labour market. Even accounting for differences in individuals’ characteristics, the data show that the slow process of integration for immigrants merits special attention.

More than one-fifth of Canadians are visible minorities – non-Indigenous and “non-Caucasian” in race or non-white in colour – according to the 2016 Census. Visible minorities earned only 81.2 per cent of what non-visible minorities earned in 2015 – a gap that has widened by 2.6 percentage points since 2000.

Feminist prof slams ‘toxic masculinity’ out of ‘love for men’

Kutztown University professor Colleen Clemens fired off a series of tweets Monday blaming toxic masculinity for the church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

She cites gender theorists who, she says, “have shown that there is very little difference” between male and female brains, and that “people act differently” because of “rigid societal norms created around femininity and masculinity.”

Canadian Province Blocks Christian Couple From Adopting Children

An evangelical Christian couple have filed a court application alleging the province discriminated against them based on their religious beliefs by rejecting their application to adopt a child.

The Edmonton couple — whose are identified only by initials in court documents — allege an initial recommendation they be allowed to adopt was revoked after “interference” by the Ministry of Children’s Services, and that they were told their religious beliefs related to gender and sexuality were contrary to the “official position of the Alberta government.”

Alberta NDP open to conversation on decriminalizing possession of hard drugs

Alberta’s NDP government has no position on decriminalizing hard drugs but is open to the conversation around the issue, associate health minister Brandy Payne said Monday.

As Ottawa moves toward legalizing recreational cannabis next year, recently-elected federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has called for the decriminalization of personal possession of all drugs to help combat the escalating problems with opioids.

  • just_one_Sewer Rat_guy

    1) Breakfast looks delicious!

    2) If I had a child in that daycare center, I’d seriously question the people’s mental fitness for exposing children to that level of brainwashing at 2 years old.

    3) Widening racial wage gap. You know, there is just no way of delicately saying this, so I’ll just come right out and say it. Certain races are just not good to hire. Most (not all) are lazy or have poor language skills, and when you call them out on their bullshit lazy attitude, they scream racism. Other races are good to work with, don’t bitch, whine, and complain about everything, and just get the job done in a reasonable time, and also have good communication skills. Guess which ones get the raises and promotions?

    4) When is feminism going to labeled a terrorist or hate group? They publicly announce that they want all men dead.

    5 & 6) This is what you get when you shove your head up your ass and vote NDP.

    7) Urinalism: I would like to see a Canadian version.

  • tom_billesley

    What is to blame for the widening racial earnings gap?
    Blame the same thing that resulted in colonization. The inhabitants of lands within the tropics were generally deficient in the qualities of enterprise, ambition and gumption. They had a relatively mild climate and plentiful food resources all year round so their societies by and large were not driven to progress. They stagnated and weren’t able to compete with Europeans when they encountered them. Europeans are now regressing to the same state because of growing dependence on government welfare.

    • Jim Kimball

      Factor in lack or non existence of English language skills (reading, writing, speaking) and the picture gets clearer.

    • But without the advantage of living in the tropics and just kickin’ back. 🙂

    • Exile1981

      not all degrees are alike.

      If you have 3 mechanical engineers, one is a grad of U of Calgary, one is from MIT and the last from islamabad unniversity. Are they equal?

      U of C is the lowest ranking program in Canada and MIT best in NA. But Islamabad is ranked so low that its best student is a far second to the worst from U of C.

      Also MIT has no diversity spots in engineering. U of C guarentees spots to 1st nations and Islamabad U only accepts sunni muslims endorsed by an iman.

      • just_one_Sewer Rat_guy

        Excellent points.

  • tom_billesley

    Birmingham City Council has been accused of ‘refusing’ to alert parents to gang members allegedly involved in child rapes and sexual exploitation.
    It follows yesterday’s Birmingham Mail front page exclusive revealing how West Midlands Police had arrested one suspected gang member for three schoolgirl rapes – but bailed him on each occasion.

  • moraywatson

    Men and women don’t act differently because of societal norms, they act differently because they have different capabilities. It is the differences between men and women that determine societal norms (in a NORMAL society that wants to: a) survive and; b) flourish) not vice versa.

  • tom_billesley

    Same old islam is a race nonesense.
    Birmingham University has contributed to a major new report warning that anti-Muslim racism is a major challenge for the UK.
    The report on Islamophobia, produced by think tank the Runnymede Trust, finds that Muslims face huge disadvantages in the jobs market, despite more Muslims going to university than ever – including more Muslim women graduates than men.

  • Linda1000

    Why are “men” like the ones in the above pics allowed to vote – the one in the silver glitter dress, the one in the white muscle shirt and headband, the one in the red dress and the one in the purple shirt? 🙂

  • Linda1000
  • Linda1000

    For the younger fan club:
    Fishing buddies -taken about 1950 or early 1950s.

    • He’s a legend in his own mind — Ché doesn’t even take off his beret when he’s out on the ocean in a fishing boat. And that looks like Fidel’s brother Raúl in the middle. At least he got into the spirit of the thing — he’s all decked out like “Popeye the sailor”.