California gunman tried to access classrooms to kill children, police say

The gunman who killed four people and wounded at least 10 others, including two children, in Northern California Tuesday tried to access rooms at an elementary school to shoot more kids, police said at a press conference Tuesday night.

  • Exile1981

    No name yet?

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops

    The shooter was Kevin Janson Neal. Looks like he is crazy or on drugs.
    He was out on bail for earlier violence.


    • Exile1981

      If he was out on bond for deadly assault and had a criminal history how did he have guns?

      • The Deplorable Rosenmops

        I guess the guns were illegal. Seems the entire area is a bit lawless:

        “It does not surprise me that it happened in Rancho Tehama,” Pflager said. “There is violence there … The whole area is just cluttered with marijuana gardens, everywhere. Pretty much when we went out there on patrol, you’d have to have two units at least. There is not much law enforcement presence out there. We don’t patrol there often.”

        Pflager said the school serves about 90 to 100 children.

        Plfager also said the area around the school was known to the department for lawlessness.

        “If you are trying to pull a car over, one out of every two cars would run,” Pflager said. “That’s the type of community out there.”

        • Exile1981

          A lawless area of california? Nah, you jest? – sarc

    • J. C.

      He certainly looks like a whackjob…