Article: “Islam, Women, and Phyllis Chesler”

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And Chesler? Well, Chesler, in the eyes of her former sisters, is a traitor to the movement. Just ask feminist blogger Ellen Keim, who in a 2011 rant called Chesler “a rabid Islamophobe” and pronounced her “ignorant” of the very subject on which Chesler is, in fact, a walking encyclopedia. Quoting factual statements by Chesler about women under Islam, Keim said they were “typical of a person who cares more about justifying her own prejudice than in adding something constructive to the debate.” As for Chesler’s account of Muslim sex slavery and trafficking, Keim flat-out refused to buy them: “Where does she get her ideas??” In the same year, another feminist blogger similarly mocked Chesler’s “ideas” about women and Islam. Triumphantly, the blogger cited a recent lecture in which an “Islamist Feminist” explained it all: Egypt’s January 25, 2011, revolution had actually been spearheaded by “highly-educated, professional, working women” who helped install Morsi’s “Islamic, patriarchal society” because they knew the latter would afford better protection “from gropings on the street” – plus better health care and day care – than Mubarak’s secular state did. (No, this is not a joke.)

  • simus1

    It is difficult to reason with nonsense spouters whose primary demand is the state must be their loving mothers and always dry their tears.

  • Hard Little Machine

    If most women are enslaved and many of them are feminists and progressives it’s not my concern

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Feminists and progressives think enslavement is their best shot on a Saturday night.

  • Tooth&Claw

    This is a woman that knows Islam inside and out. She even lived in purdah as the wife of a Mohammedan man.

  • Lightstream

    I’m so sick of stupid.