Trudeau In the Philippines

Crying Barbie (courtesy of an acerbic commenter) declares that “Canada is back“:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s invitation to the East Asia Summit, a key forum for regional and global security discussions, is a sign Canada’s aggressive overtures in the region have paid off, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said Sunday.

Canada has been invited to the summit for the first time as an observer, officials said, and Trudeau will be privy to high-level talks, alongside the likes of Chinese President Xi Jinping, on the tenuous security situation in North Korea.

“This is the first time Canada will be present … that is a really big deal,” Freeland told reporters about the two-day summit in Manila that starts Monday. “The East Asia Summit is the top table in Asia on security issues. Canada has never been there before, so when the prime minister says ‘Canada is back,’ the fact that he has been invited … is a very, very important sign of that.

“Our government is acting on our pledge that ‘Canada is back,’ and the world is recognizing that,” she said.



A coalition of Filipino and Canadian activists is calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to do what U.S. President Donald Trump seems loath to do: raise the “appalling” state of human rights in the southeast Asian country with its populist president, Rodrigo Duterte.


To wit:

A sister of Robert Hall, one of two Canadian hostages beheaded in the Philippines earlier this year, is demanding an inquiry into how the Trudeau Liberals handled the high-profile kidnapping case—saying government officials “literally did the least they possibly could” to help rescue her 66-year-old brother.



  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    As long as you are not a communist or a Muslim nation, “an appalling human rights record” doesn’t bother me anymore.
    I exclude communism and Islam as they are existential threats in their own right.

  • k1962

    Trudeau and Freehand are so arrogant. If we’ve never been invited before, how is being invited for the first time a sign that Canada is back? I hate them. Keep trying to spin stupid Liberals, you can’t.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Complaining to Duterte about his human rights record is the quickest and easiest way to piss him off, which is why Trump expressed much understanding of the problems facing Filipinos in controlling drug trafficking and substance abuse. Thanks to his tact, Trump and Duterte got along quite well.

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      How come Trump manages to get along with a lot of third-world leaders, that Obama couldn’t, and still be such a “racist”.
      It’s almost as if he’s not really one.

    • Or perhaps Trump just does not care.

      If that is appalling, what does it make Trudeau, May, Merkel, Moon, or any other leader whose pity meter rests below zero?

  • felis gracilis

    Let Shiny Pony blather on about human rights in the Philippines. Then, for the second time in a couple of years, Rodrigo Duterte will call an incompetent western leader a “son of a whore” and he will be right again.

    • Trudeau doesn’t care about human rights.

      Oh, sure – he’ll milk this to be the anti-Trump but he’s full of sh–.

      If Trump’s indifference is bad, what does that make Trudeau’s outright lies and antipathy?

      • felis gracilis

        “Trudeau doesn’t care about human rights.”

        You may well be right about that. But he cares about looking like he cares about “human rights”. And he may have very little to say on the subject to Duterte, but he will want the world to believe he did.

        • He probably doesn’t know who Duterte is or why people are angry at him.

          Trudeau is only in office for the selfies.

          I am disappointed in Trump. He was very keen on calling out Kim Jong-Un’s human rights abuses but doesn’t have a word for Duterte?

    • Will Quest

      Just-in would never jeopardize the pinoy vote in Canada by criticizing the back-water Philippines…… he looks the other way or flashes his socks…. Did the simpleton mention those two Canadian murdered by izzlamic jihadis ?

  • Millie_Woods

    ‘Canada has been invited to the summit for the first time as an observer…”

    ‘Observer’? Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think that’s even as prestigious as a participation award.