Parents refusing to send their children on school trips to mosques spark fears of Islamaphobia

Schools are being issued with guidance about RE trips after it emerged some parents are refusing to allow children to visit mosques.

Families have the right to withdraw pupils from visits to places of worship. Some cite costs, while others are concerned about safety or a ‘political agenda’.

Do they take these same children to churches or synagogues? Hell no, the Muslims would have a fit.

  • Frances

    Very simple: I will send my children on a field trip to a nearby mosque after – and only after – Muslims send their children on a field trip to my church. And I will allow my children to recite the shahida on said visit only after the Muslim children recite the Lord’s Prayer and the Apostle’s Creed on their visit chez moi. Then I will discuss with my children the Muslim concept of Taqiyya. By their fruits you shall know them.

    • WalterBannon

      I will send my children on a field trip to a nearby mosque after – all muslims have been deported and the mosque converted to a bacon factory

      • Blacksmith


  • Martin B

    Makes me shudder to think of all those innocents being marched into a Dome of Satan to be poisoned with taqiyya.

  • JoKeR

    According to the Borg Ayatollah you will be assimilated into the umma collective.

  • “While objections are raised about visits to a number of places of
    worship, they are most frequently about visits to mosques, which raises
    the bigger issue of Islamaphobia and how this can be addressed.”

    The issue it should raise, of course, is what there is about mosques and what they preach that so many parents find so offensive that they will not let their children near them. Fat chance of that being addressed. Meanwhile, uptick for WalterBannon’s elegant solution.

  • Krista Kay