Millionaires Urge Trump Not to Cut Their Taxes


More than 400 American millionaires and billionaires are sending a letter to Congress this week urging Republican lawmakers not to cut their taxes.

The wealthy Americans, which include doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and CEOs, say the GOP is making a mistake by reducing taxes on the richest families at a time when the the nation’s debt is high and inequality is back at the worst level since the 1920s.


  • Millie_Woods

    Pure political posturing. They’re free to donate or gift any amount of money to the government as they want.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Why is he cutting ANYONE’S taxes?
    This isn’t 1981 and he isn’t Reagan.
    Nobody cares about our tax rate which means it’s probably about where it needs to be, or if anything it needs to be raised on the people at the poorer ends of the scale so they are at least paying taxes too and become involved in the process.
    Whomever is advising him on this one is an idiot.

  • simus1

    it would be fun to run the numbers to discover how many of this “generous 400” have arranged their affairs in such a way that they already pay zero state income tax.

  • mauser 98

    BS pretend sham

    a cover up…so snowflake latte Hollywood fake media crowd won’t hate them
    super rich have foundations to bury the cash

  • Brett_McS

    These high flyers have typically organized their financial affairs to the point where they pay very little tax. The rate doesn’t matter to them, except perhaps as a way of holding back up and coming competitors, in which case the higher the better.