Mainstream media spreading word for Islamic State, says top counter terrorism cop

Rowley is expected to tell the conference that up to 50 percent of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) propaganda can be found published on media websites or in newspapers, and is only available to a very small audience on encrypted channels before it spreads through news reporting.

  • Gary

    I don’t get his point.
    Is he bitching that 100% of the propaganda should be allowed or is he proving how violent islam is since the current level of terrorism and jihad comes from a small amount of propaganda being seen.
    He forgot to mention the Mosques where every Friday there is 100% propaganda against the Jews and the West being spewed the devout muslims behind those closed doors.

    How can the Police be so stupid to not see why Imam want to be warn about any Media or Police that visit , plus have NEVER suggested to give the Police the audio recordings from every Friday service.
    Recently , there were 3 out of 4 vandalized mosques in canada that didn’t have a Video Security system . The other mosque was caught turning off the CCTV Security cameras the night the windows were smashed which the Imam blamed on a new workers in the Office that shut them off.
    Wow… the Security system was never off in the last 4 years for Insurance reasons and yet every new employee in the Office is shown the switch to turn it off.
    I’ve never started at a job where my employer showed me how to turn off the Fire Alarm system.

    • Watchman

      “I’ve never started at a job where my employer showed me how to turn off the Fire Alarm system.” It must have been a profitable business then, and not in desperate need of a fire insurance payout to continue.

  • Watchman

    So let me get this right: Rowley is saying that as long as muslims are prevented from finding out what their religion actually says and how they have put this into practice over the last 1400 years, the British public will be safe? Sounds like islam is a very dangerous religion if the best you have to counter it is to make sure the congregations don’t hear about the religion, instead of clear refutations of any wayward interpretations by a convention all of the most respected islamic theologists. The fact that violent jihadis have not been theologically discredited by islamic scholars says a lot about whether they are in fact, Not True Muslims.