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Terror Incognito

Evil has many faces. The recent mass shootings in Las Vegas and in the church in Sutherland Springs in Texas are stark reminders of that. The motives of Stephen Paddock and Devin Kelley remain unclear at this stage. Whether they will ever be brought to light in a conclusive way I don’t know.

The explanation of mental illness is often a first port of call in these kinds of cases. For the most part, that seems to me to be superficial. Anyone who callously murders men, women and children as though they are vermin is undoubtedly unbalanced. This is true whether or not they’ve ever been treated or incarcerated for mental illness. The question to be answered is what else is going on?

New Jersey Muslim stokes violence against Coptic Christians

Oraby had her profile raised during the Arab Spring, as she propagated the narrative put forth by President Barack Obama that the uprisings were all about freedom and democracy, said Dr. Mark Christian, a native of Egypt who was raised in a Muslim Brotherhood family in Cairo before he left Islam and moved to America in 2005.

Now Oraby continues to use her social media channels as an instrument for Islamism. In a recent post, she said “Muslims are the food for the nations,” helping to fulfill Muhammad’s prophecy that the global caliphate “will come again.”


Sweden has 65,000 nuclear shelters, Now it wants more.

Last month, Norway’s Nobel Peace Prize Committee handed a group dedicated to abolishing nuclear weapons its award. Now, the Swedish government is looking into expanding its existing network of nuclear fallout shelters, according to news website The Local. A first proposal was included in a report released several weeks ago and followed a review of existing shelters earlier this year, Swedish officials confirmed on Friday, saying that the proposed changes were still under consideration by the government.

Sweden already has 65,000 shelters, which would provide space for up to 7 million people, but that leaves an estimated 3 million inhabitants without protection.

New Palestinian Authority textbooks teach “martyrdom as a life goal”

For years we’ve been covering incitement on the part of the Palestinian Authority (PA) and its failure to prepare Palestinian society for a resolution of the conflict via non-violent means.

The PA is viewed by the West as the ‘moderate’ Palestinian body and Israel’s supposed ‘partner for peace’, but as we’ve repeatedly highlighted, its officials routinely demonize Israel and glorify terrorists as national heroes. Young people are exposed to this radicalization, as schools and educational programs justify and condone the use of violence.

Protesters vow to continue fish farm protest amid court action

First Nations protesters at a salmon farm off the northern coast of Vancouver Island are vowing to stay, despite court action aimed at forcing them out.

Marine Harvest Canada, which runs the farm, has asked the B.C. Supreme Court for an injunction to remove protesters from its Midsummer Island farm, located about 50 kilometres east of Port Hardy in the Broughton Archipelago.

A hearing for the injunction is set for Tuesday morning.

  • Watchman

    As soon as Sweden builds adequate Nuclear Shelters, they will rename the new immigrants into the country ‘Morlocks’ and the native Swedish people will be named the ‘Eloi’. In a complete reversal from the H. G. Wells prophecy, the Morlocks will be inhabiting the above-ground part of Sweden, and the Eloi will be cowering underground, but will still remain the harvest for the Morlocks to rape, pillage and feast upon.

  • tom_billesley

    So First Nations have “territorial waters”. Do they have airspace too?

    • Watchman

      Of course. Airspace was the traditional hunting grounds for their First Nations Air Superiority Fighters which unfortunately were not much use since the encroaching Europeans lacked bombers and ground support aircraft in this era.

    • Rick

      Exellent comeback, do they have,The technology to put engines on their canoes , Supermarkets to allieve them of Hunter gathering ,Natural Gas and electricity to heat their homes Fortified homes instead of teepees , ,Education and employment to Create wealth .Oil extraction to put gas in those engines . THESE ARE YOUR TERRITORIES??? Which Territories exactly? Do you mean the Territories you YOURSELFS have successfully Conquered ????Raped and took into Forced Slavery ?? You are no different from the rest of of the Human specicies . EXCEPT YOU LOST Evolution is predicated on the desire for Something Better > Something within our reach , but it takes Effort to reach that . You have ZERO rights for reparations The Lands You talk about , HAVE BEEN STOLEN FROM OTHERS

  • ontario john

    And now the news from the Canadian media this morning. Racism and islamophobia is running rampant in Canada, Trump is evil, Trudeau is wonderful, standard whiny indian stories, and Climate Barbie is demanding that countries stop using coal.

  • Linda1000
  • Linda1000
  • Linda1000

    The nerve of recent invaders coming here to take over from these guys.

  • Exile1981

    Swiss shelters – thats an average of 110 people per shelter.

    I wonder how many of those shelters are nothibg more than tombs in waiting.