Belgium: Muslims riot, burn cars, injure 22 police officers in celebrations over soccer victory

Celebrations in Brussels to mark Morocco’s return to soccer’s World Cup finals for the first time in two decades turned violent late on Saturday, when crowds clashed with police, setting cars on fire and injuring 22 police officers.

Images on social media showed overturned, burning cars and broken shop windows in Brussels city center as well as police trucks firing water cannons at crowds gathered in front of the city’s stock exchange.

  • Barrington Minge

    It’s the mooslim way….destruction, death, violence……

  • simus1

    Breaking stuff and killing people – that is always the top muslim passion.
    Sports ordinaire, a very distant second fiddle and not without its critics among the more fanatic jihadis.

  • Brett_McS

    If Pakistan ever make it into the World Cup, the British police are going to be in a bind: They’re soccer hooligans so we should arrest them, but their Muslims, so we should leave them be….

    • k1992

      No contest – islam trumps all other considerations so they would leave them alone to do their muslim thing (which, of course, is what they do now, come to think of it – rape gangs, etc).

  • David Murrell

    During the World Cup I will be rooting for Morocco’s opponents.

  • Hard Little Machine

    sounds good.

  • bob e

    most reports only say ‘soccer fans’ nothing about filthy mooslums ..

  • tom_billesley

    They know it wouldn’t be in their interests to gather in front of the EU parliament and discomfort their benefactors.

  • rwg1949yt .

    “…police trucks firing water cannons at crowds…” what is the matter with real artillery?