As Trump tries to revive coal industry, Canada pushes for a phase-out while at UN climate meeting

The fissures in the oft-touted Canada-U.S. relationship will be more apparent than ever this week during the United Nations climate change talks in Germany as Canada pushes to phase out coal as a power source.

Canada’s position runs counter to the Trump administration, which has declared the “war on coal is over” and promised to breath life into the industry.

  • mobuyus

    Coal is cool climate Barbie ain’t cool she’s just frozen man.

  • Bla Bla

    Bah! Coal provides good paying jobs to the proletariat that we are trying to starve off – oops! – I mean lift into our new Utopian future that beholds us all!

  • Gary

    Just a note about Obama. During his reign the US exports for coal were at a record high wit the main buyer being China .

    This is why I’m not shocked at Liberals seeing the Global Warming crisis as a problem for us peons . We’re suppose to ride bikes, turn off lights, use low enegry bulbs , low flow toilets and recycle to lower the Carbon Footprint.
    This while Justin globe trots by Jets and brings several friends with him and live in the 3000 sq ft mansion that suck up power for heating and AC .

    I don’t care anymore …..can’t wait to use the public pools by the beach in February while never having to buy snow shovels and rock salt or see seniors break a hip after slipping in ice or snow.
    Bring on Global Warming because all i have to do is ask someone from the tropics how they handle the heat .

    • Bla Bla

      i like to tell the alarmists that you can’t grow shit in ice!

  • simus1

    There are also other hypocrite nations which are not averse to shiploads of American coal being quietly offloaded and burned to create electricity in some surprising places.
    Climate Barbie might want to phone up soros some time and politely ask after his coal investments.

  • If one does not like coal, fine. What does one suggest to work in its place that is efficient and affordable?

    The left goes silent.

    It either does not want or cannot answer.

  • ontario john

    And if your a third world shit hole country, wondering how your going to pay for the conversion. don’t fear, Climate Barbie has stated that Canada is considering using taxpayer money to pay for it. .

  • Oracle9

    As this government de-industrializes Canada into a new dark age, we won’t even be able to burn our worthless currency to heat our homes, since it’s plastic – a fossil-fuel product, no less.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    I’m sorry, but with modern “scrubbers” used when burning coal, why does the coal industry have to die again?
    All of this commitment to “super pure energy” is a sham to perpetuate energy scarcity.
    It’s crap. It’s all all crap designed to take your money, blind you and then enslave you.

  • Jaedo Drax

    Well, you are going to replace it with windmills that produce only when the wind blows, solar that only produces when its sunny, and biomass, which is considerably lower density than coal.

    Sure they also talk about hydro, but unless you are China, there is a small possibility of building a new dam in the west. And they want to shut down the nuclear plants which are the best for baseload power.

  • Brett_McS

    It shouldn’t be difficult to run power lines across the border into Canada, and the Americans will not over-charge.

    South Australia is similarly in the grip of environmental virtue signalling with wind farms and solar power etc, …. and gets its electricity from brown coal power stations in neighbouring Victoria.

  • Dana Garcia

    Why should Canada — or any other nation — use more expensive fuels when Red China is building coal power plants like gangbusters?

  • Clausewitz

    Why do Canadian Liberals hate third world nations? How do you think most western nations progressed through the Industrial Revolution.