2 Injured In Stabbing At Mall Of America Macy’s Store, Suspect Arrested

Authorities say one person is in custody  and two people were hurt after a stabbing at the Macy’s store at the Mall of America Sunday night.

It shows where we are when we’re all relieved it was only a Somali immigrant robbing and stabbing customers.

  • marty_p

    Suspect’s name is Mahad Abdiaziz Abdirahaman – nothing more need be said.

    • Editor

      But lots more will be said;

      – Don’t jump to conclusions.
      – Motives unclear.
      – Lone wolf / mentally ill.
      – Disenfranchised / unemployed young man.
      – Don’t judge all by the actions of one person.
      – Diversity is our strength.
      – Muslims are the real victims.
      – Let’s hope there is no anti muslim backlash.
      – And for good measure, patriarchy.

      Did I forget anything?

      • Exile1981

        not representative of islam?

        • Editor

          Yeah, one of those “misunderstanders”.

      • David Murrell

        Editor, yes you did. It is possible that the perp is a Lutheran, or a Baptist.

        • Editor

          Apologies. Statistically, yes, I should have included the Lutherans and Baptists. I hear the Amish can get quite stabby as well. I’ll try to keep diversity in mind and be more inclusive in future comments.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Deck the Halls with Tons of Muslims tra la la la la la la Allahu akbar

  • simus1

    Is the Macy’s outlet in Somalian Gang territory or Somaliland Gang territory.?
    Hard to keep track.

  • bob e

    Mebbe the filthy Somali chewed too much Khat ..
    It great when they spit because everyone gets to have a chance at viral, incurable
    pneumonia .. and what ever else has never been seen by modern medicine ..

  • Observer

    Justin will take them all!