You Are More Likely to Win the Mexican Lottery Than See A Crime Solved in Mexico

The insufficiency’s and inefficiencies of the criminal investigations are the heart of impunity in Mexico, above all in crimes of major impact, signalled a study of the incompetence of prosecutors offices of the country, carried out by the investigator Guillermo Zepeda Lecuona.

In a press conference, Federico Reyes Heroles, president of the organization Zero Impunity, told of the study” State Indices of unemployment of Prosecutors Offices”, whose result is that in Mexico it is more probable to get a double win in the National Lottery than solve a crime, which currently stands at a rate of 1 to 0.9 % respectively.

According to the study, only 9.7% of the crimes committed are reported in the country. Of these, only 65% are investigated. This means that only 6.4% of the crimes committed in the country are investigated. According to these numbers, the un-investigated figure, for authorities is 93.6%.

Therefore, the effectiveness of investigations based on the parameters of determining whether or not there is an offence to be prosecuted, and if there is a probable perpetrator, or some other form of resolution is 14.1%.

The figure distributed is 10.2% in the traditional system, and 18.1% in the new criminal justice system.

The study ” State Performance Index” concludes that, just a few months after the deadline for the implementation of the new criminal justice system in the whole country, the capacity for criminal investigation has deteriorated, this means that 15 years ago, 23% of the cases and today only 14%.

The States of Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon, Guanajuato and Baja California are the only ones in which professionalization and management models are applied with greater efficiency.

According to the study, only nine out of every 20 arrest warrants issued by local judges result in the arrest of the probable perpetrator. In addition, only one in ten Mexicans actually trust a lot in the local public ministry.

A disturbing fact is that, in the accusatory system, one in three cases in which it is determined that there is no crime to pursue, is done without having carried out an investigation, explained Reyes Heroles.

In addition, he informed that, before the criminal reform, in Mexico, the victims pardon was resolved between 8% and 10.5% of the preliminary inquiries.

With the new system, the are solved by alternative mechanisms in the country, on average 6.4% of cases are resolved with the research files.

All this, despite the training and certification of the facilitators, such as public ministries and Judges.

  • simus1

    Public safety law enforcement for much of its history in Latin America always been more interested in the public decorum, keeping order, aspects rather than crime fighting per se. That said, any violent low level criminal who was unlucky enough to be stumbled upon by police while plying his trade could usually look forward to years in the horrific holding cells waiting for trial. Those found guilty and sent to prison had just exchanged one smaller overcrowded hell for another larger one.

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    Mexicans should be ashamed of themselves for making muslims look good.

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    Where is that fucking wall?

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    I’d be shocked if Brazil is better. Just because these countries are in the 1-1.7 trillion GDP range doesn’t mean they’re not 3rd world countries

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    Anyone thinking of traveling to Mexico on Vacation should read this. Hopefully any ethical travel agency will inform potential tourist of this information.

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    …and Canadians continue to go their on holiday?

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    What a culture, we must import more of that attitude into our countries.