U of T Profs Say Jordan Peterson’s Plan to Expose Their Neo-Marxist Courses is ‘Harassment’

Creating a website to inform students which college courses are “post-modern neo-Marxist” brainwashing is “morally wrong” and amounts to “harassment,” at least according professors at the University of Toronto.

  • Brett_McS

    Jordan Peterson is The Predator and they let go their Arnies decades ago.

    • Shebel

      How so ?

  • Coupal

    Those p”professors” are afraid of losing their jobs when enrollment drops.

    • k1962


  • Read Stephen Hick’s Explaining Postmodernism https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=Explaining+Postmodernism%3A
    A really interesting book. (It seems to be out out print, because the price has shot up from $20 I paid for it to absurd amounts! But the kindle ed. is still available).

  • Shebel

    Kids don’t go to University to be Educated -any more
    They go to be Programmed .
    As to the PROPER way of Bending on your Knees.


  • Shebel

    Glad that I didn’t have to pay for all my Kids University.
    They paid roughly half.
    I told them to get a job and live at home for FREE or
    Get to fuck out and be a BUM

    And let Society pay for your lazy ,sorry ass.

    They ALL got jobs and stayed home.

  • Shebel

    It is a real shame that Society has to pay the Salary of you more than useless Parasites.
    You are supposed to educate our kids -not indoctrinate them –
    Here watch this— you fucking ,brainless perverts—


  • bargogx1

    That’s not harassment, that’s consumer advocacy.

  • This is a very good report. I’m surprised that the CBC would even conduct an objective interview/debate like this (in the first video accompanying the report).

  • Shebel

    ” post- modern neo- marxist” – I guess you would need a University degree to decipher that bull shit.
    Forget about your morality — You probably have some convoluted explanation.

    • Simply put they’re fascist commies. Not hard to decipher at all if you use layman’s language.

  • Shebel

    I just listened to part of this bullshit–
    The little squeaky voiced transgendered fag appears to think that ALL Canadians are cloistered in University where his opinion actually means something.
    Guess this pip squeak would never venture outside the boundary’s of his tiny “safe space” .

    I am an open minded individual—so I will listen to some more of this mindless bullshit.

    • Read the article — “he” is a woman. Hence the squeaky voice. Her real name is Amanda.

      • Shebel

        I guess I missed that portent point.
        Sorry Amanda— you had me fooled.

  • Shebel

    The moderator will be insulted if you call him Chinese . He is Asian . Along with all the Terrorists.
    I always wondered why I had this aversion to transsexuals.
    Nothing will ever make you happy.
    Gonna watch the rest of this interview—- just for fun.

  • Shebel

    So—lets just say that some squeaky voiced individual arrives at my door and says that he is here to take my Grandaughter on a fucking Date.
    I politely ask this weirdo -‘What are you intentions” ?
    He says -it” Depends if I feel like a man or a woman”.

    I would slam the fucking door after informing him to figure out what the fuck He is before he runs around bothering Peaceable folk.

  • Linda1000

    So the poster campaign against Peterson was not personally threatening? The socialism Profs like to dish out the heat but can’t take any pushback. Why don’t they all hide in their safe spaces. Bunch of wimpy losers.

  • Tooth&Claw

    I call it fair comment and useful consumer information to make a good choice. University of Toronto offers a product, they forget that.

  • k1962

    I think that’s great that he is going to consolidate all of this information in one place. I used to go to rate my Prof for my kid to find out who the wing nut profs were in the non stem classes. Then I would google what books they wrote. I then could guide my child with regards to which classes and what profs to avoid. This was especially true with the topic of Israel and the middle east at Uvic. I had my kid avoid these types of classes in the Religious Studies Department with a certain prof. I found out he wrote the intro for a book that was anti Israel and from that I knew that the class was going to be biased against Israel and my kid didn’t need to suffer in the a hole’s class. Same with another class offered by a prof who couldn’t stop sh*t talking Stephen Harper. So, good for Dr. Peterson for consolidating this information into a one stop website. I think something like this already exists in the U.S. Can’t remember the name of it though.