Three ways robots can save lives in war

Military robots are not all bad.

Sure, there are risks and downsides of weaponised artificial intelligence (AI), but there are upsides too. Robots offer greater precision in attacks, reduced risk of collateral damage to civilians, and reduced risk of “friendly fire”.

AI weapons are not being developed as weapons of mass destruction. They are being developed as weapons of precise destruction. In the right hands, military AI facilitates ever greater precision and ever greater compliance with international humanitarian law.

  • WalterBannon

    Three Ways Robots Can Save Lives In War

    1. they can be programmed to exterminate liberals

    nothing else needed after that is done

  • The trouble with military robots is that they will sooner or later fall into enemy hands, like what is happening with drones. They will also soon be used by totalitarian and authoritarian governments to keep their populations well in line. I can’t say I rejoice over that prospect.