The Guardian view on white nationalism: a rising danger

Almost a century after the end of ‘the war to end all wars’, Europe is in danger of forgetting lessons from the 20th century.

In 20 years, the Guardian will be a propaganda arm of the Caliphate and Poland will be a free Christian nation.

  • Oracle9

    Looks like Poland’s nationalists are focusing on purging what’s left of their Jewish population instead of what they need to be doing. This disturbing aspect of their recent huge rally tells me that Poland is not by any means going down any better path.

    No one else seems to notice enough to give it a mention either.

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      I don’t know. When the actual antisemitism and oppression happens I’ll take note, but so far all that bad publicity is coming from organs of the left like the Guardian.
      They call Trump an antisemite too and so the passing hints of that from the Guardian are ignorable.
      These days it’s like being called a “racist”.
      The fact that they are calling them those names just means that they are afraid that they might be effective.

      • Oracle9

        It’s a given the Guardian has no credibility. I think the references on the rally were from other sources. At any rate it ain’t healthy being a Jew anywhere in Europe.

        • Drunk by Noon ✓

          Agreed, but I don’t think the danger is from the “White Supremacists”, Nazis, KKK, any other recognizable antisemitic group other than any and all Muslims.
          I’d like to see more of Europe’s Jewry make them selves useful in fighting 3rd world immigration before they have to leave to escape the onslaught.

        • Marius K

          There are antisemitic fractions in Poland in the sense that they are paranoiac about Jewish world conspiracy, yet the present day streets of Poland paradoxically may be the safest in Europe for Jews.

        • WalterBannon

          the Guardian=Labour Party=Anti-Semites

  • Gary

    Why is it that the CBC does care about the 56 OIC’s that are allowed to have a national religion where 14 of them ban Jews from entering while 10 of the 56 sanction murdering gays as confirmed by a quranic verse to do it .
    Whites are a minority on Earth and when the majority groups bitch about oppression and power over them from whites…it look pretty pathetic that they are so stupid and weak that a small race on Earth can control them .

    • Justin St.Denis

      Because the CBC is a crock of shit.

  • SDMatt

    In 20 years, the Guardian will be a propaganda arm of the Caliphate and Poland will be a free Christian nation.

    So, no change then.

  • Hard Little Machine

    In 20 years the caliphate won’t need the Guardian. They will all be put to death. The first rule of dictatorship is that if turncoats won’t support their own they’ll eventually turn on whomever is in charge. Treason is inherently unreliable.

  • Marius K

    Nationalism as admiration for own country and the feel of deeper connection with other inhabitants is great and necessary for a state to exist. Nationalism weaponized by politics is dangerous and lead to tyranny.

  • Brett_McS

    20 years months.