Taylor Swift vs. the feminist ugly

From Katie Yoder at The Washington Post,

Anticipating “Reputation,” Bustle editor Rachel Simon insisted that the 27-year-old Swift “can’t just say that the media has painted her as a fake feminist or a manipulative liar; she needs to say ‘I deserved it.’ ” Even after her sexual assault lawsuit, feminists pounced on Swift. Salon writer Rachel Leah retorted that Swift is “known to wave the feminist banner only when it directly benefits her.” Bustle agreed, decrying Swift’s feminism as a “deeply flawed,” “self-serving” “white feminism.”

As proof of her feminist failures, editor Kadeen Griffiths listed Swift’s many faults: not criticizing President Trump, not “publicly support[ing] organizations” like Planned Parenthood and not attending the Women’s March (her tweet apparently wasn’t enough.) Outlet after outlet has pressured Swift to condemn the president in the name of feminism. In January, the Daily Beast went so far as to accuse her of “Spineless Feminism.” Swift may be the highest-paid artist in the world, but her decision to speak out on issues as she pleases rather than as others call on her to means she gets little credit for the space she’s made for female artists.More.

Reality check: Aw, come off it, Yoder. We all know the score now: Feminists want to own women the way it was once legal to own slaves in general. The one thing Swift would never have the right to be is her own woman. Not in their ugly little world. Now that we’ve got past that, why does any independent woman support feminism? Unless she wants in on the take in human lives…

See also: Can women’s media survive the SJW toxic waste dump? Women’s mags thrived when they were writing about what guys weren’t screaming about. Teen mags thrived when they were writing about what teachers weren’t screaming about. That was supposed to be the point. So, g’bye, women’s and teen mags.