State universities promote class inequality

From Benjamin Wermund at Politico:

A recent analysis of the Equality of Opportunity Project data — which used tax data to study campus economic trends from 2000 to 2011, the most recent years available — by the D.C.-based think tank New America found that since the late 1990s, nearly two-thirds of selective public universities increased the share of students in the top 20 percent and reduced the share from the bottom 40 percent.

Another recent report, by the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, found that at 24 public flagship universities, out-of-state students represent at least 40 percent of freshman enrollment. At 11 public flagships, out-of-state students account for more than half of all freshmen. Out-of-state enrollment at prestigious public flagship research universities like the University of Michigan grew by 80 students per year, on average, from 2013 to 2015.

“We are shutting the doors of higher education — of public higher education — to low-income students,” said Stephen Burd, who led the New America analysis. “That’s incredibly distressing considering public higher education is supposed to be the cheaper option that common people — real people — could go to. Now you see these public colleges are acting just like the private colleges. It’s kind of scary in terms of what this means for opportunity in this country.” More.

Reality check: But of course they promote class inequality! Upper class twerps and twits of all shapes, sizes, colours, nationalities, etc. (including a huge dollop of snowflakes and trigger warn-ees) don’t need teaching; they need excuses for not learning and sinecures, including diversity sinecures, when they graduate.

The working-class kid who isn’t willing to die on a hillbilly heroin high needs to come out of there with a way of making a living. But is that really the business today’s U even wants to be in?

See also: Wow! U just cut sociology and other “useless” majors. Yes, hard to believe, but true. Sociology is a way of training Orwell’s Outer Party, the educated class whose control of information keep others from freedom. Of course, some U’s may be willing to co-operate with traditional work-friendly survival strategies.