Minnesota: Somali Muslim convicted in ISIS case wins release

Abdullahi Yusuf, one of nine young men arrested in a sweeping FBI probe of ISIS recruitment in Minnesota, on Thursday became one of the few Americans to be allowed back in society after trying to join the terror group.

  • Watchman

    Are they giving him the keys to new 4WD, a set of chef’s knives and a map of the next parade in Minneapolis to assist him integrate with the kaffir the the Dar Al-Hard in Minnesota?

  • Dana Garcia

    Minnesota “nice” equals weak and stupid. Maybe that’s why so many Somalis remain there in a climate rather different from the Horn of Africa.

  • ontario john

    Rumour has it, that he is on his way to Canada for a federal cabinet post, and ten million dollars.

  • BillyHW

    Little House on the Prairie is being turned into Little Mosque on the Prairie because of the jungle fevered delusions of women voters.