Instapundit asks, why can’t the ruling class do its job?

From Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) at USA Today:

Even David Brooks is admitting it: “Our elites really do stink.” And he’s right. But why? In part because they’re inbred, and care too much about each other’s opinions.

I’ve been watching a lot of institutions fail lately, from Hollywood, to the news media, to the NFL and ESPN, to political parties and academia, and I see a common factor. The problem is that whatever job its members are supposed to be doing at the moment, our ruling class cares more about what the rest of the ruling class thinks about it, than about the job it’s supposed to be doing. The result, quite often, is a debacle.More.

Reality check: It would all work better in a society where those outside the out-of-touch ruling class do not have rights. Expect attacks on a variety of civil liberties in the name of social justice.

See also: Why it matters that entertainment journalists helped hide Weinstein’s sex assaults It only matters now because Hollywood has been going downhill for years. It’s out of touch. Who cares about the political opinions of conspirazoids who don’t understand why the working class they are supposed to relate to elected Trump?

  • simus1

    I would tend towards general group dishonesty being the biggest problem. I got mouse trapped once by a bulletproof stock that had paid good dividends throughout the depression, WW2, and everything else you could think of but all it took was one up through the ranks weasel with lots of friends on Wall Street to commence general decline, stopped dividends, and insider looting via “vitally needed high interest debt refinancing”.

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  • Alain

    The very fact that a “ruling class” exists is the problem. I usually call them career politicians, but actually ruling class is more appropriate in that they actually see themselves as the entitled ruling class and behave accordingly.

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  • Hard Little Machine

    There is an old Chinese proverb: ‘heaven is high and the emperor is far away”. The elites have never been more isolated, more distant from the rabble and more insulated from the outcomes of their own beliefs and actions than they are today. Not ever, in the history of mankind. Not Louis XIV, not any Pope, not Charlemagne, not Claudius or Thucydides not Hammurabi or Ramses. Never have the elites been so distant from us and protected. They are nearly a different species.