GOLDSTEIN: What’s really dumb? Trudeau’s carbon pricing plan

A trick politicians use to intimidate us on the subject of human-influenced climate change is to leap from the fact that because scientists say it is real, we must support whatever they propose to address it.

This is absurd. How to address human-influenced climate change involves economic policies that are political decisions, not scientific ones.

  • I wonder where the poverty-rights activists are on this. If there is anything that drives up prices needlessly, it’s carbon taxes.

    So, where are they?

    • Alain

      I don’t know about the rest of the country, but in Vancouver they too busy ensuring that no business or nice housing be built in the east end.

      • It’s just a way for the wealthy left to wall off the proles.

        • Alain

          It has everything to do with poverty pimps defending the poverty industry; nothing to do with helping the poor.

          • Exactly.

            But private organisations like churches and things … well … they’re up to no good!

            (sarcasm function disabled)

    • DMB

      These Poverty “rights” activists or as I prefer to call them poverty pimps will use inflation as an excuse to for more government funding since poverty rates will continue to increase. They will then use what money they don’t pocket from to further advocate for more generous welfare programs/benefits, for higher minimum wage (inflation will eventually make a $15 hour wage unlivable).

      • That is true.

        They help squeeze the poor they claim to care about.

        Nevertheless, carbon taxes are oppressive to lower-income people (people who are genuinely in trouble, not wastrels).

        So where are the “champions” of the poor?

    • Gary

      They also loved the Pope on forgiving Foreign Debts and his warning on Global warming.
      But CUPE and OCAP were crusading in Ontario to have Air Conditioning a Human Right in welfare housing only to hear the Pope demand that Air Conditioners be banned because the power they use and CO2 output.
      Muslims are just as bad to bash Christians and Jesus which make the god hating progressives happy because it ban Jesus from the public space…..but then when muslims do Dawah in Canada to our brain dead leaders like Tory and Wynne in Ontario we hear them Praise Jesus and revered him because he’s in the quran as a prophet from allah prior to muhammad.
      Muslims also curse the jews and spew hatred in youtube videos….but love to cite a quranic verse about peace and the value of human life which muhammad stole from the Torah used by the jews .
      Hamas does good work for schools and food drives ….but it such a small portion that it mirrors the facts about Hitler that was a animal lover and tried to stick to a non-meat diet .

      • To his (non-carbon) credit, Pope Francis called carbon taxes such as this scams.

        But I guess that wasn’t controversial enough or something.

  • Alain

    Sorry but the writer himself is part of the problem in assuming that human-influenced climate change exists and that it is an accepted scientific fact. For me that was enough to dismiss the article. As for Trudeau anyone who isn’t agenda-driven and with a modicum of intelligence knows that the carbon tax has nothing whatsoever to do with the climate or climate change; it is purely another tax grab by the tax and spend Liberals.

    • simus1

      Newspaper jobs are a scarce commodity and the mobs grow ever more feral and ill educated.

  • ontario john

    Meanwhile the guy on the Weather Network was waving two pages of record breaking low temperatures in Canada yesterday. Sure glad we have that carbon tax.

  • Science is a system of inquiry to help us understand the material world around us. It’s not a political system or a system of Government. We’ve already been down that road before, with the former Soviet Union. The politicization of science was why they fell so far behind the U.S., and the Soviets themselves abandoned it during the latter years of the regime because it was impractical. The Soviets continued to be Marxist/Communist/Socialist in all the other areas of Soviet society, but not in the area of science.

    But then no one has ever accused Justin Trudeau of reading a history book.

  • Marius K

    There is so much pollution in science. The humans change the climate of science…..this time for worse.

  • WalterBannon

    Prime Douche Trudeau’s plan to rob from the poor and enrich his crooked liberal cronies

  • J. C.

    “What’s really dumb? Trudeau”

    The headline didn’t need to be any longer than that! 😉