France frets over ‘internal’ threat two years after Paris attacks

Two years after militants killed 130 people in coordinated attacks across Paris, French officials say there remains an unprecedented level of “internal” threat.

With Islamic State losing ground in Iraq and Syria, hundreds of French citizens – and in some cases their children – are expected to attempt to return to France, leaving the government in a quandary over how to deal with them.


  • k1962

    They’re traitors. Deal with them accordingly.

  • Hard Little Machine

    These are the people who condemn every sane control we implement as some kind of racist war crime. I hope they do nothing so we can see the flames from the ISS.

    • Watchman

      The elite have the means to avoid the problems: they don’t live in the Zones Urbaines Sensibles or have to pass through them, they can afford armed guards, and they have enough money to flee to a less islamic country if things get really bad. It’s like having a First Class cabin on the Titanic.

  • Watchman

    It’s not a change of mind, it’s just political speak to pacify the voters who have discovered that the French (and German, and Italian, and British, etc) governments have done nothing useful to even recognise the root cause, let alone take any steps to address this root cause. All that is being done is measures that attempt to deal with the symptoms of the root cause, and without this official recognition, the problem can only get worse and is indeed getting worse. It may already be too late.