Central Europe and the U.S.: The New Alliance

On immigration, on sustainable development and on many other subjects, the convergence between the United States and Central Europe is now as evident as the new divide between Western Europe and Central Europe.

The European mindset is shifting. Twenty-three of the 28 governments of the European Union now have parliamentarian majorities on the center-right of the political spectrum. Everywhere in Europe, the “left” is on the run.

This is particularly true in Central Europe. The soon-to-be Austrian Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz won the election on an anti-immigration platform and is on the verge of forming a government with the right-wing Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) which owes its own success to the same topic.

  • Gary

    I wish the NDP would get the lies straight about refugees. They used to claim that women with children had to flee oppression and domestic abuse to get to Canada for a refugees claim.
    But in far too many cases the women would get landed status but about 1 year later there we many that sponsored the husband to come to Canada when she just fled him for abuse.
    Recently we had the UBER issue in Toronto . Not too many years back the NDP was upset at the racism towards Muslim taxi drivers that all had phd’s as Doctors and Engineers being denied jobs in canada. But last year the NDP opposed UBER because it affects the muslims taxi driver with no other skills to get employed which will hurt the family which hurt children .

    Now that we see Justin women&children “refugees” pouring into canada and europe that are able body male from 20 to 25 ….the NDP now claims that the men have to flee first to get to Canada and get jobs where the family follows .

    Can the NDP ever stick to one narrative because I saw Marilyn Churley on a TV debate show and she denied that there was a problem with radical islam where she stooped to the usual attack on Christians to mention the 1 abortion clinic attack and Timothy McVeigh from the 1990’s .
    Meanwhile there are over 32,000 terrorism attacks since 9/11 where 98% are by self-identifying muslims inspired by an Imam or the quran.

    • Alain

      When you understand that the NDP is just another Communist Party, then you will know the reason.

    • Lightstream

      The NDP sucks.