Can women’s media survive the SJW toxic waste dump?

No, but they probably don’t matter as much as they used to, which is why they haven’t even tried to save themselves. From Lisa De Pasquale at Townhall:

Today, women’s magazines and websites like Bustle, Refinery29, and the “classics” are trying to earn street cred with social justice warriors by peppering their makeup and style content with political screeds. But is that a good business model?

When Teen Vogue launched in 2003, Vogue Beauty Editor Amy Astley told the New York Times, “We are going to do what we do well, which is fashion, beauty, and style. A lot of other teen magazines are focused on relationships, boys, sex, and embarrassing moments. That is not our equity.”

Leading up to the 2016 election, they veered off that mission with advice on anal sex, scare pieces telling Muslim women and LGBT readers that Trump and Pence were targeting them, and how Fox News is “undermining democracy.” More.

Reality check: Women hear that SJW stuff all the time now, from union organizers and crazy therapists. The teens hear it too, possibly including from teachers who are having nervous breakdowns in front of the class, knowing that their jobs are safe.

Women’s mags thrived when they were writing about what guys weren’t screaming about.

Teen mags thrived when they were writing about what teachers weren’t screaming about.

That was supposed to be the point. So, g’bye, women’s and teen mags.

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Why rubes don’t trust traditional media anymore. Because we can get wrong information without paying for it.


Teen Vogue shuts down shortly after anal sex edition Reality check: It’s NOT that teens or parents have changed. It’s that the would-be teen craze marketers aren’t connecting with teens anymore. They’re fighting battles no one else even wants to hear about.