‘Anti-racist’ group takes credit for spray-painting John A. Macdonald statue

The group filmed themselves dousing the statue with red paint and posted the footage to a popular Montreal anarchist website. In a communiqué published beneath the video, the group says they targeted Canada’s first prime minister because he was a “white supremacist.”

  • This is good news. Now they know exactly who to send the expensive clean-up bill to. And they know who to arrest and charge for vandalism.

    (Although I’m not holding my breath on corrupt cops and politicians actually doing anything)

  • andycanuck

    Once again proving that Canadian leftists couldn’t come up with an original idea if their lives depended upon it.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      How could you have an idea if you don’t have a brain?

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Ironically it’s mostly the “White Supremacists” that advanced all of humanity.
    What these people fail to notice is that by today’s standards EVERYONE before the year 2000 was some kind of a “White Supremacist”, transphobic, racist, sexist, homophobe.

    • Watchman

      ‘White Supremacy’ is really ‘Western Civilisation’, an evolving but efficient system that isn’t perfect, but a darn sight better than anything before it. Critical Studies has been developed as a means to destroy Western Civilisation, except that it posits no solutions to how to fix up the broken parts of Western Civilisation, only how it is so terrible that this Western Civilisation must be destroyed and be replaced by something else, anything else. What is not said is that the Progressives who champion Critical Studies really want this replacement to be Communism, but cannot say so since Communism has more problems than Western Civilisation.

  • WalterBannon

    civil war can not come soon enough

  • simus1

    John A built a railway that created Canada. The left hate that.
    A railway that his Lieberal opponents said would fail and bankrupt the country.
    A railway they didn’t want but since they lacked the backbone to tell voters their real position, endless surveys to “solve problems” but no steel laid were the norm whenever they ruled.
    Plus ca change ……………….

  • John

    Related….same idiotic demo


    By the way, Sir John’s head was sawn off back in 1992 to protest Louis Riel…or something.