Anti-racism protest to be ‘family-friendly’ and positive, organizers say

Organizers of an anti-racism protest set for Sunday in downtown Montreal say they’re planning to deliver a positive message opposing hate, even though a group this week claimed they vandalized a local business that supplies equipment to police forces in support of the event.

  • ontario john

    Must be the same peaceful anti-racists that vandalized a monument to veterans there.

  • Anybody who brings a child to a protest is committing child abuse — especially protests like this that are known for violence, vile obscenities, sometimes nudity, etc. Maybe a peaceful “march” or something like a pro-life demonstration is okay, but I even have my druthers about that. Because these days the latter can be the object of violent counter-demonstrations.

    Anything that requires a Police presence is not “family friendly” and children should not be exposed to it.

    • mobuyus

      How else to fight from behind diapers than to involve children, with the fervent hope that some of them are killed to further the cause.

  • Shebel

    Love the masks and the hoodies.
    Do these assholes think they are Muslims or something?