Al-Qaeda Has Rebuilt Itself—With Iran’s Help

Interviews with al-Qaeda members and bin Laden’s family reveal a pact that allowed the group to prepare for its next phase.

  • Ho Hum

    Notice how there is no shortage of stories like this trying to connect Iran to Al Qaeda and hence “responsible for 9/11”. It’s all part of an effort by the neocons and the deep state to make the case for going to war with Iran (that U.S. “allies” Israel and Saudi Arabia so desperately want). The same claim’s were made against Iraq prior to the invasion that proved to be totally false.

    Yes it’s true members of the Bin Laden family fled to Iran from Afghanistan (and even got married there) but they were detained by Iranian authorities and placed under house arrest.

    “After 9/11, Saad fled to Iran and was later detained and placed under house arrest by Iranian authorities.[3] Iran stated that a number of al-Qaeda leaders and members were in their custody.[4][5]”

  • Gary

    Liberals in Canada may never accept that islam has been at war with the World for 1400 years because the quran and allah orders them to do Dawah and then Jihad to claim Nations like Canada for the Global Caliphate .
    M-103 is to silence the future victims of jihad terrorism that try to warn Canadians of the creeping Sharia and growth of Mosques in Public schools.
    Barbara Hall and the current 9 White elite SCOC Judges will all be dead and gone when Toronto turns in Paris with the weekly Car-B-Q’s on top of Jihad attacks by cars and mass slaughters in night clubs .

    Watch this video for the Senate review of the two 2014 ISIS inspired Jihad attacks by MUSLIM males that prompted MP’s to insist the RCMP beef-up the security to make THEM safer from islamist terrorists and make Parliament safer. This white Liberal senator from a 99% white christian neighbourhood , tries to educate a 65 year old muslim ( from birth ) about the true islam and how to read the quran.

    ** Remember – Chretien asserted that there are NO muslim terrorists in Canada which the CBC repeats even today , no matter how many Somali mosques pump out Jihadist wanting us dead or how many Muslims jihadists the RCMP arrests or are watching but our Charter lets them roam free until they go Jihad and slaughter us ****

    • Brett_McS

      That’s brilliant! What virtue signalling jackasses most politicians are.

    • ntt1

      is that really George Constanza with a rug?

    • Shebel

      Funny how that term ‘broad brush’ gets bandied about.

  • Shebel

    Thank you Obama.