We Remember

To all who served, Thank You.

A poem of remembrance by the young daughter of one of our readers.

  • Martin B

    That is a fine poem of remembrance.

  • Miss Trixie
  • Will Quest
  • I picked up my poppy at the convenience store the other day, and as usual I found myself mumbling “why don’t they find a better way to attach these things rather than a clumsy straight pin with a bent head?” Especially when you have to attach it to leather, or you end up sticking yourself with the pin, and the head is so small it’s actually painful on the fingers to push through the material taking a fair bit of strength.

    Then it struck me — it should cause pain, it should be clumsy and take strength, and if I stick myself then that’s a good thing. I remember with embarrassment how my momentary inconvenience compared to the ultimate sacrifice of our war dead.

    • A Hamilton Guy


  • Linda1000

    Most western people of the last two generations in Canada (myself included) have very little appreciation of the hell soldiers endured in the two World Wars. The history is not taught in schools in any depth and because younger people have never lived through a war they have no idea of how great the sacrifice was for those who fought for freedom and peace. I can’t imagine doing half of what all those young soldiers endured. The U.S. is more aware because they continue to have such a large active military. Just my thoughts but it seems sad that it is all being diminished and forgotten to a large extent except for one day a year. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2185aba56effc85fcd84f545f28773b4c86592b206f05a405711069db33f9009.jpg

  • Gary

    Today at 11:30 am Nov 11th, the CBC is running a special on the Radio at 99.1 that bashing Canada as evil during WW2 . Yes folks…. the Communists and pro-fascists are inside the CBC and our schools to normalize attacking our Military and our History.
    The special is call ‘ Camp 33 ‘ . Seems that the Government of Canada did not have the right to round-up non-British subjects that were new in canada from the nation that declared war on us or were aiding the Germany that was at war with us.
    In my area of Toronto the NDP and CUPE were tied to the ‘ NO WAR ‘ group and they wanted to poison the minds of the Immigrants and Refugees in the Parkdale Riding so they would hate Canada and the USA for what they did to Civilians in Germany and Japan from 1944-45.
    Every summer at the start of August we would see the various Utility poles near the high density refugee apartments be pasted with the basic size AD poster that condemned the West and USA for slaughtering innocent Japanese citizens in 1945 with 2 Atomic bombs.
    That’s right….the NDP and CUPE wanted us to speak Japanese or German by the 1950’s and rule Canada with NO election and NO diversity of thought and NO unions.

    Camp- 33 was where the young girls grandfather was sent because of his possible ties to spies sent here from the fascists ruled Italy that was occupied by the Nazi’s that would have loved to attacked people inside the British controlled Canada.
    Amazing how a young girl born in Canada by parents born in Canada has now got such a loyalty to Italy that she would help the CBC demonize Canada and stir up fresh hatred which the SJW’s and Islamofascists love on top of the NO WAR people tied to CUPE .
    Look at how many Muslims that are born here and wanted to kill us by jihad or went back to their parents homeland to wage war.

    It was Paul Martin Sr that gave us the Citizenship ACT in 1947 after he toured Europe and saw the thousands of Headstones where our War dead were defined as British Subjects from the Colony called Canada. Because Newfoundland didn’t join Canada until 1949 as a Province….those soldiers were listed as the 3rd group of allies from N.American as Newfoundlander’s with the Americans and British forces from Canada.
    Canada didn’t get the Charter Of Rights or Constitution for about 35 years after WW2 and can not be applied in hindsight for any perceived oppression pre-WW2.

    We can afford Justin’s apology tours ( he learned it from Obama ) or giving huge bags on money to islamists that want us dead but just happened to have our Citizenship when they alleged a harm outside of Canada , this after they came here with their story of fleeing oppression and harm but then ran back to it.

    The TDSB is using November to make islamic History month ‘ Dawah ‘ month where it is now the rule after O’Canada to speak in Arabic and say ‘Peace be with you’ .
    This infers that there is NO peace in Canada and only islam and muslims can rescue us as we saw for the CBC’s dawah ‘Little madrassa On the Prairie’ where it’s now Okay where Olive skin imperialists invade Canada with a holy book to steal the land from the people and convert the Natives to islam.
    The CBC spent decades bashing the Church for imposing Religion on natives
    and even setting up the residential school that harmed children….so why are madrassa’s okay for children forced into islam , on top of the Public schools and some mosques corrupting children with the islamic Supremacy to do jihad for the Global caliphate.
    About 2 years ago …..it was no shock for me to see that the TDSB had the teachers promote the islam GREEN used on the Saudi Flag and Pakistan where the CNE was used to have the GREEN T-shirt day .
    This wasn’t a TDSB logo day, people were asked to wear the GREEN from the TDSB apple icon which was also the Hamas GREEN , Whahhabi GREEN, Pakistan GREEN and so on for many muslims in the 56 OIC’s .

    In 1922 the British company that made Motorcycle Sidecars was called Swallow. But in late 1945 they changed the name to Jaguar because they had the brains to know that the Swallow Sidecar company logo with “SS” didn’t look good after the 12 million dead in nazi death camps or brutal treatment by the Gestapo wing of the SS .

    So sad that the TDSB which is suppose to educate the youth , employs either morons too stupid to see that the Ramadan Green in the school is also tied to JIHAD slaughters and islamic supremacy while it’s the same Green they promoted at the CNE on Labour day weekend pre- back to school…….or the TDSB is complicit with the islamists in Canada since the Apples they must have chose was because it had lots of Worms inside.

    Imagine the millions of people that fled their oppressive hell-holes for canada
    to create a better life for their children but now they see their Grandchildren about to see Liberals and Progressives turn canada into the hell-hole they fled and can’t go back to.
    Toronto will be the 1st city to tear down war Memorials and ban Remembrance Day services in public while the TDSB will ban them in school. The TDSB marks Che Guevara’s Birthday on their Yearly issued calendar even when he raped women , murdered gays, approved the execution of over 4000 people, praised White people as productive and inventive with prosperous Societies but also said that Blacks were lazy Nigg**rs and a burden on Society ( that’s why Cuba bans Blacks from any high position of power on the Government).
    Many Liberals and Public Union people think nothing of vacationing in Cuba to pro-up Communism financially because the poor in canada don’t have the money to go there. Cuba claims that about 80% of the recorded Tourist Dollars are from Canadians……this includes the NDP/CUPE supporting Teacher on my block that boasts about vacationing in Cuba by the lack of guilt even when Cuba jailed homosexuals with AIDS as part of keeping them out of sight from the Canadian tourists.

    My parents served from 1942-45 while close to 3000 Canadians serve in Korea
    but today the global fascism is by islam which we can’t talk about. The WW2 Vets saw their parents die off over the years and now they are but a fraction of the total from 1946 .
    When you look at the Military services in canada there is NO diversity that equals our population because you need to speak English or French and bi-Lingual with French first to go above the NCO rank. Justin is now about to get rid of the English/French requirements for Citizenship and will allow the mentally ill to apply for the Landed Immigrant Status on top of the mentally ill refugees were are taking in because of sharia and spousal abuse.

    Liberalism is a Mental Disorder where the people around these victims are getting killed or trapped in poverty.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      Justin has to increase his voting base.

  • LauraS

    That is a beautiful poem.

  • Lightstream

    That poem is beautiful and heartfelt.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    It is a beautiful poem, but so many don’t read it well, even Leonard. It is very difficult to speak for one of the departed, and try to use his words an emotions.