University of Toronto Professors Warn Jordan Peterson is Planning a Targeted Harassment Campaign

Is Jordan Peterson becoming too big of a problem for Canada’s largest university to ignore?

  • Ed

    This is who’s complaining about “harassment.”

  • John the Mad

    From what I’ve read in the media the only one that has been harassed so far is Professor Peterson.

    • Western world colleges need more professors like Peterson.

      Hopefully his stance will spur other “profs” to speak out.

    • Clausewitz

      If Prof Peterson is readying to fight back, where do I sign up?

  • Editor

    I agree wholeheartedly with every word attributed to Professor Peterson in this article and the idea of Professor Peterson creating an “unsafe work and study conditions for students, faculty and staff.” is pure words-are-violence leftist bunk. The only thing faculty members who wrote this letter are afraid of is that the marxist claptrap they’ve been spewing for years will be exposed for the hateful, divisive and dishonest propaganda that it is.

  • simus1

    Hysterical paralysis – when doctors discovered how to prove it was pure patient fakery they should have kept mum.

    Notice that sexual equality seems to have been missed in the formation of the lynching committee.

    Surprising the so smart “sensitive left” at UoT can’t stick it together and run with a suitable fake sexual harassment scenario plus compliant kangaroo court to “get” Dr Peterson.

    Perhaps too many harassment skeletons lurking in their closets?

  • Millie_Woods

    Gender and race ‘studies’ as practiced today are not education. If they were honestly and inquisitively delving into the complexities of human interaction in order to better understand relationships in within society, they might be of some limited value. But what started out to be harmless navel-gazing about the contributions of ones race or gender to civilization has predictably morphed into pro-race and reverse misogyny hate groups. It’s pure anti-social brainwashing. Professor Peterson has correctly identified the problem and locked on the target. He deserves the support of all reasonable people.

  • General P. Malaise

    progress news sure knows how to twist the truth. they accuse Peterson of doing what they are doing. but that is their method always.

  • Dave

    PressProgress, what a freaking joke. Their “OMG the world is gonna die” drivel because someone has the balls to stand up to the freak show called modern society. They are complaining and yet their (leftist) tactics are identical to what Professor Petterson is doing. Journalism at it’s finest…NOT

    • growingupishard

      I prefer PetersonProgress! It’s easier to digest.

  • Who wants to waste money on useless courses whose only outcome is fascist Marxist indoctrination, rather than critical thinking? He’s doing a public service by creating the database. His critics claim that it’s “…an imagined enemy he [Peterson] calls ‘postmodern neo-Marxists’.” But by their very reaction to it they demonstrate that that’s what they precisely are.

    Peterson is not engaging in “harassment” because he’s simply giving people the opportunity to make an informed choice — something Marxists do not believe anyone should have the right to do, because Marxism is dictatorial. The latter is the very definition of harassment because it is enforced by mob action, something Peterson has been subjected to for a long time before he decided to fight back and help others do the same.

    Good for you Dr. Peterson, many of us who know what it is to not have a voice are behind you.

  • Maggat

    After reading the Pres Progress article I’d say Professor Jordan has his work cut out for him. I wish him all the luck and success with his endeavor.