The Reason Hate Hoaxes Continue To Be Promoted

“Get out!”

That was the message delivered by Air Force Academy superintendent Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria to the racists who supposedly dwelled at his institution.

Silveria’s impassioned speech went viral in September in response to racist messages found on chalkboards outside the dorms of African-American cadet candidates.

  • robins111

    But but but. I only did it to create discussion. LOL. Kicked your discussing ass out the door.

  • Dana Garcia

    Clearly the MSM likes any sort of hate crime — fake or not — because it advances the liberal-is-superior narrative that traditional values are bad.

    Plus, hate crime stories are Easy to Write — scribblers just follow the predetermined boilerplate — conservative bad, diversity good!

    Rather similar to writing the Sensitive Immigrant Story:

  • Alain

    So many want a world without emotion or should I say without the ability to feel emotion. Hate is only one of several emotions. Well there are people incapable of feeling emotion, but they do not make an ideal society if you know what I mean.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Air Force Academy superintendent Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria wasted no time throwing the entire class under the bus.
    I think he needs to go next.

  • simus1

    A jumped up ex Emperor Barry appointee riding the PC promotion whore gravy train by any chance?

  • Victor Cachat

    So, did he deliver an “impassioned” apology?

  • Groty1

    I can’t remember now who came up with it but I saw an explanation once that brilliantly used economic theory to explain the fake hate crime phenomenon. Maybe I like it so much because I’ve had a few economics courses, so it makes sense.

    Anyway, the short version is that the demand for hate crimes exceeds the existing supply, so the market is responding by creating a substitute (fake hate crimes) to find equilibrium and satisfy demand.